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NOTE:These updates are only for The Lyrius Conflict DLC which requires the base game Universal Combat CE v2.0 (2015)

[3.00.14] | COMING SOON]

  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • In early prep for migrating content over, made some tweaks to existing assets. e.g. some gunships had contrails which they’re not supposed to have.
  • Unless controlled by player, mobile EAD (Enemy Air Defenses) and MFB (Mobile Forward Base) units should no longer move around the planetary scenes
  • Updated audio engine, and made various tweaks and improvements to audio playback. Trust me, it’s crazy good.
  • Added background comms chatter audio for fighters and shuttles
  • Revised behavior of solar energy collection

    When switching the focus location in Tacops to a different one from where your ship currently is (e.g observing a surface from space), the solar reactor would stop producing power until you return the focus to your ship’s area.

    This happens because the CC is located in space where the solar energy is collected. Remote viewing a planetary region involves moving the current solar vector position there. And it could be different from the position of the Sun due to how the TOD works on surface locations. And since the solar energy is not stored in a battery, it is lost when that vector location is changed from space to planet via remote viewing. It works normally when remote viewing space regions because the vector remains unchanged in space.

[3.00.13] | 17-10-26]

Note: This build will replace your existing UCCONFIG.INI file with a new one with default settings.

  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • Added support for new resolutions: 2560×1440 (QHD, WQHD, Quad HD, 1440p) and 3840×2160 (UHD, Ultra HD, 4K, 2160p) More info
  • CC power now checked before accessing TACTICAL, PERSCAN, & TACOPS computers from bridge command menu. NOTE: Logistix is special case. See explanation in known issues
  • Added docking transitions
  • Audio revisions:
    • Changed NPC gun sounds playback to ON|OFF setting in CONFIG
    • Minor revisions to personnel & MOTHER audio feedback
    • NPC weapons fire and explosions will no longer play for regions player is not in. e.g. if you leave a battle in Earth space region, and go to the planet, you will no longer hear weapon and explosion sounds from the space battle. The logic behind this feature was so that when far away from a region, you could get audio feedback via the global probe that is in orbit around the Fluxfield in BLACKHOLE05. Kind of like a comms relay. But there was no way to control it.
    • Added updated MOTHER voicefx
  • In TACOPS using ENTER key to toggle 3D object rendering is now only enabled in cheat mode. Some people having pressed this key either intentionally or by mistake, forgetting that it’s documented in the manual, ended up wondering why all their 3D objects disappeared on radar. This was a performance related option from years ago, and which no longer applies due to advancements in computing power.
  • Revised cheat commands, and added some new ones. See docs
  • Updated in-game docs. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. More info
  • FIXED: Some UI anomalies in assets (e.g. Engstrom carrier) with more than 8 support craft. See explanation in known issues
  • FIXED: CC was able to dock with a planetside MFB

[3.00.12] | 17-10-11]

  • Minor improvements
  • Increased (250 to 1024) the number of planetary objects which the radar can track at any one time.
  • Updated in-game docs. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. More info

    Quite a few pages have been updated to reflect the current build state. Also a new 12.5 section was added. It explains the shuttle planetside ops revision from a previous build. The images on p14 and p69 were also added/updated.

  • FIXED: COMMAND/SYSTEMS menu in the HUD, had some incorrect mappings.

[3.00.11] | 17-10-08]

  • Minor cleanup to address an issue with two launch parameters showing in Steam client. There should now only be one. If you own the DLC and you want to revert to the base game, you have to uninstall it first. This will then remove the DLC files and revert to the base UCCE 2.0 game.
  • Revised all cheat keys. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update the GAME_CHEATS.PDF file.

[3.00.10] | 16-04-25]

  • FIXED: This is a minor out-of-band release which addresses an issue with NPC animations indexing.

    All characters share animations (packed in the .\models\animate\.3DM files) indicated at the top of the .\models\animate\.INI file. Since the .INI file indices were incorrect, all 8 characters which use .M01 and .MO2 animation sets, had an issue in which the wrong animation (e.g. jump) was played.

    e.g. if you deployed Resnig (CO), Kendrick (CE), Brooks (FO) then jumped, they are supposed to mimic your movement. However, instead of jumping, they would wave instead.

    Anyone who owns the original non-STEAM 2009 v2.0 release, can download and re-apply the updated standalone patch which now contains this fix.

[3.00.10] | 16-03-11]

  • FIXED: Minor cleanup
  • FIXED: Pilot careers unable to requisition missiles while docked at station

[3.00.09] | 16-02-15]

  • FIXED: Attempting to view (e.g. in TacOps video feed) a debris field in uncharted regions would sometimes cause a crash.
  • FIXED: An issue with the MFB driving around the base.

[3.00.08] | 16-01-02]

  • Added a new UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe program which installs and creates shortcuts to the new docs. The Steam client may not automatically run this file. So you should run it manually. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. More info
  • Added the standard galaxy map which has a White background, making it easier to print. Located in .\docs\GAME_GALAXY_MAP_STD.JPG
  • Revised game commands PDF. Also reduced to 4 pages
  • Updated game manual PDF pages 1, 5, 8, 72, 73, 93
  • Revised the naming convention of quick/full game saves in the HUD command menu
  • Added the Galaxy Map to the HUD command menu. Increased the scrolling speed. Changed hotkey to SHIFT+M
  • FIXED: Some minor cleanup, tweaks and fixes
  • FIXED: The Engineering & Medical Corps marines had access to weapons (rifles & launchers) they couldn’t use. See game manual p72
  • FIXED: Some HUD command menus (Roster, Miscon) were not activating the correct system
  • FIXED: Some missing files caused a crash when attempting to observe or land on planets in the Garidian IV and Garidian V systems

[3.00.07] | 15-12-14]

  • The marine type is now shown in the TACTICAL/LOADOUT screens. No more sending a Space Force Marine to the planet by mistake
  • FIXED: When intruders were aboard the ship, at certain resolutions, the PERSCAN display was formatted incorrectly

[3.00.06] | 15-12-02]

  • Ships can now use hyperjump to navigate to distant waypoints in space regions.

    NOTE: This can only be done by the ship’s AutoPilot as there is no way to select a waypoint as a jump target. So after setting the waypoint in Tacops, give the craft “Resume Waypoints” order, then for the CC, just engage the AP. Support craft will automatically engage AP when given this order.

  • FIXED: Minor error in .\data\language.lng

[3.00.05] | 15-11-30]

  • The shuttle extraction method has now been made uniform based on revisions from the previous version.

    Shuttle now extracts deployed mining drones and vehicles (OC) using waypoints similar to deployed teams.

    The vehicles drive to the shuttle, dock and the shuttle takes off and moves to the next waypoint.

    If the shuttle leaves before the vehicle gets there, then the mining drone reverts to mining. A vehicle would revert to SAD.

  • Revised manual shuttle team/asset extraction method to match recent revisions.

    This mechanism is now used for manual extraction using the shuttles LHS cockpit menu.

    CREW->DEPLOYED TEAMS->select personnel to evac



    This orders the vehicle/persons to return and enter the SC.

    You must wait for the asset to arrive.

    If the shuttle leaves the order to return is cancelled. You should then land (perhaps closer to the asset) and issue the order again.

  • Revised asset transfer to shuttles. Previously the assets would be transferred to the shuttle from quite long distances as if the shuttle had a transporter system.

    The mining drone motion/turn rates has been reduced and scaled.

    The collision range accuracy between personnel and objects has been increased. In some instances when teams return to a craft they are beyond the docking range even though they have collided. This causes them to just stand outside.

  • You can now quit to the main menu from the MISCON scenario selection screen.

[3.00.04] | 15-11-12]

  • Revisions to saved game description. Now supports longer names, adds multi-line etc
  • FIXED: The shuttle can now reliably extract deployed personnel from a planet surface. Be sure to set the waypoint close to the people being extracted. The shuttle will leave within 15 secs if nobody is nearby. It will also leave if under attack and integrity falls to 60 or below.
  • FIXED: Minor tweaks and fixes

[3.00.03] | 15-08-03]

  • Revised ODS launch parameters and AI logic allowing them to now fire missiles more reliably
  • Probes can now be launched from either the /pod or /ship tags. This solves an issue with the Starcarrier sometimes not launching probes
  • FIXED: Minor tweaks and fixes

[3.00.02] | 15-06-29]

  • Revised ODS launch parameters, allowing them to now fire laser turrets more reliably
  • The crew weapons is now displayed in Tactical/Crew interface
  • FIXED: Can no longer tractor a foreign asset into the Command Craft. Unless the towed asset is one of yours, the prompt will no longer appear.
  • FIXED: Various Frontend issues in Config
  • FIXED: Various rendering issues in some interfaces e.g. Tacops, various camera (including bridge) views etc

[3.00.01] | 15-06-10]

  • Added final main menu image for The Lyrius Conflict
  • On-going cleanup of legacy modules with minor fixes, preparations for the next “big” thing etc
  • All legacy 4:3 resolutions have been deprecated (removed). 1280×720 (720p) is now the default.

    The resolution parameter in the UCCONFIG.INI file can still be edited to force any desired resolution. Use at your own risk!

  • FIXED: Various Frontend issues in Navitron, Tactical, Roster, Miscon

[3.00.00] | 15-06-02]

  • Branched from v2.00.03 | 15-05-28. See 2.0 changelog

    Based on the 3.0 game kernel (which includes everything in 2.0), and future updates will reflect this.

    If you have the DLC, you will have the new main menu image, and your version number in the lower-right corner will show v3.0 or higher.

    If you only have the base (2015) game, you will see the old main menu image, and your version number in the lower-right corner will show v2.00.03 (the final update to that product).

    You will now also see two separate launch options when you try to run the game. The first one runs the standard game. If you have the DLC, then a second option will be displayed, and which runs the DLC build.

  • Added WIP main menu image for The Lyrius Conflict

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