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UPDATED: 2024-04-22 |

NOTE: These updates are only for The Lyrius Conflict DLC which requires the Steam version of Universal Combat CE v2.0 (2015)

[ | DEV]

  • Deprecated support for WindowsXP. It works, but is completely unsupported going forward. Only WIN7, WIN10, WIN11 are currently supported.
  • General tweaks and improvements
  • FIXED: In previous dev build, mouse look was broken when running the game in window mode

[ | DEV]

  • Adjusted display of version in main menu
  • General tweaks and improvements

[ | DEV]

  • The high level combat tactics for NPC fighters (disabled by default in 3.00.15) has been removed from CONFIG. It can now be enabled via the /h command line option
  • Revised IA0916, IA0917, IA0918, IA0919 test scenarios
  • Added CTRL+F9 (toggle) cheat which makes you invisible to radar when in fp mode
  • Updated some in-game docs (CONFIG, GAME SCENARIOS, CHEATS). Go to Control Panel and uninstall the previous version. Then Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. See KB64
  • Updated the Game Builder System (GBS) distribution files. You need to rebuild your custom scripts because OBJEFS.SCR and OBJCLASS.SCR have been updated . GBS discussion forum
  • Minor general tweaks and improvements

[ | 01-02-2019]
Public Test Branch How To Switch

  • Tweaks to collision detect handling. This is on-going for the new scenes and objects
  • Tweaks to NPC terrain object avoidance and dynamic path-finding in the new scenes. NOTE: This still has problems whereby personnel will sometimes collide (and in some cases intersect) with objects and take too long to re-route, get stuck, go through “target fixation” etc. The path-finding is deterministic and done in real-time with no pre-processed paths. So it’s up to the AI to figure things out.

    If you want to see them do it in real-time, run the game with /i /d3 param, select either IA0915 of IA0916, then go to TacOps, enable (it’s ON by default) the new “Terrain Routes” option. The object avoidance routes are Cyan, while the patrol (select any ground vehicle first, even if it’s not moving) routes are Yellow.

    I have long wanted to completely overhaul this and do it as was done (with pre-generated paths) in our All Aspect Warfare game, but I never got around to it because it’s a LOT of work. With these new scenes, I would like to do it that way, but it will break a lot of things and disrupt my schedule. So I will leave it for later when all the new scenes are completed since they will be needed to generate the paths (in BCStudio) which will be used. Doing it that way solves all pathfinding issues currently being observed.

    Until then, I will continue to make the minor tweaks to the AI handling since it’s still needed to compensate for these new and larger scenes anyway.

  • AI Tweaks/Improvements:
    • Additional tweaks to infantry AI orders.
    • They will now engage threats at up to 500m away, while attempting to stay within 15m of the leader (e.g. player)
  • The following new scenes have now been completed. If you downloaded the GBS files, the GAME_SCENARIOS.TXT file contains a list of all the game’s scenarios, along with descriptions, where they take place etc. This way you can tell which of the scenarios take place in the new (all others are empty for now) planetary scenes.

  • Added new planetary scene test scenarios

    IA0916 | EARTH18[SBASE] | BASE_EARTH02 (TER/INS) | TER/MIL MIM (solo)
    IA0917 | EARTH18[SBASE] | BASE_EARTH02 (TER/INS) | TER/MIL EFM (4-man team + 1 officer)
    IA0918 | EARTH00[SBASE] | BASE_EARTH01 (TER/MIL) | TER/MIL MIM (solo)
  • Updated the Game Builder System (GBS) distribution files. You need to rebuild your custom scripts because OBJEFS.SCR and OBJCLASS.SCR have been updated . GBS discussion forum.
  • Minor general tweaks and improvements

[ | 12-30-2018]
Public Test Branch How To Switch
NOTE: Additional legacy files have been removed. After updating, run the CLEANUP.BAT file located in the game install folder.

  • AI Tweaks/Improvements:
    • Tweaked infantry target prediction & line of sight weapons fire
    • Minor tweak to infantry copy leader pose
    • Reduced infantry radar range to 25km (was 50km)
    • Minor tweaks to infantry AI orders (e.g. tighter handling for escorts), objectives (e.g. alleviate target fixation), and dynamic scene movement (tweaks required for upcoming pathfinding and navigation revisions)
    • Minor NPC attack matrix revisions. NOTE: Infantry will only engage other marines or infantry turrets (LADMK, YN99MK1) on their own. They require explicit orders to engage other target types.
    • Transported or deployed (via craft) infantry units will now immediately engage detected hostiles rather than wait for explicit orders. If you want them to stay put, you will have to give them a HALT order via the orders menu (which pauses the game). e.g.
      1. Tactical Computer : send a marine team to the transporter
      2. Perscan Computer : wait for the team to get to the transporter room
      3. TacOps Computer: deploy the team as follows:

      4. - ZOOM->PLANET->EARTH

  • Minor tweaks to NPC collision detect and avoidance. NOTE: I am working on new dynamic pathfinding for the new scenes. So this still needs tweaks, as you will see some infantry getting stuck inside or walking into some buildings
  • Minor audio playback revisions
  • Minor revision to TacOps. NOTE: Still working on some other minor improvements
  • Added IA0915 (TER/MIL MIM) test scenario which puts your team and an officer behind enemy lines deep inside one of the new scenes at TER/INS / EARTH18[SBASE] / BASE_EARTH02 mission zone on Earth
  • Updated the Game Builder System (GBS) distribution files. You need to rebuild your custom scripts because OBJEFS.SCR and OBJCLASS.SCR have been updated . GBS discussion forum.
  • Minor general tweaks and improvements

[ | 12-28-2018]
Public Test Branch How To Switch

  • Inoperational NPC units too damaged to complete a dock sequence will now immediately vanish after the first attempt, instead of retrying the op repeatedly and consuming cycles. The log file reporting (if enabled) has been updated to show more info related to this if it should ever occur. e.g.

    GAM/CRI STARCRUISER attempting to dock with MUL/RAI IDAN in ZILONZ
    GAM/CRI STARCRUISER isn't operational. dock request with MUL/RAI IDAN rejected
  • Minor general tweaks and improvements

[ | 09-26-2018]
Public Test Branch How To Switch

  • Revised some player character profiles (FPGEAR.INI) to include more than one primary weapon
  • Revised some weapon profiles (ITEMMGR.INI) to increase max ammo, types etc
  • Increased number of fighters that carriers can launch when engaging stations
  • Planetary launch pads will now launch capital ships at detected hostile capital ships. Will also now launch intercept fighters against hostile transports
  • Revised the Ion-Disruptor Array (which powers the main guns and turrets) to compensate for high frame rates
  • Revised the shield systems to compensate for higher frame rates. Also, it now takes about 30 seconds to go from 100 to 0, Previously, the rate was exponential. So with the high frame rate it could take several minutes to decay to zero when turned off (using the UI or CTRL+S)
  • Minor general tweaks and improvements
  • FIXED: The shield system UI had some issues due to high frame rates
  • FIXED: Some minor UI issues in TACTICAL/LOADOUT/FC buttons
  • FIXED: Laser shots from first person weapons not being rendered
  • FIXED: Switching some weapons (SCAT1, SCAT2 etc) to secondary fire mode (G), results in no ammo being loaded

[3.00.20 | 09-16-2018]
Public Test Branch How To Switch

This is a MAJOR update in which most of the work is internal. It may have broken some things, the shaders and lighting needs further tweaks etc. But hey, that’s how the sausage is made.

As this is the on-going port to the more advanced All Aspects Engine (use in All Aspects Warfare/Angle Of Attack), the target, in addition to porting over some of it’s more advanced first person infantry features, is to get the visuals as close to that game as possible. See recent gameplay stream. Also, check out the Trello dev board that was recently created to help you track progress.

  • Major tweaks and improvements. Mostly engine related. NOTE: This build will replace your existing UCCONFIG.INI file with a new one with default settings. If this fails, you will have to manually delete it so that a new one with defaults is created.
    NOTE: Saved games from 3.00.19 are backwards compatible.
  • The game engine now checks for shader level 3.0 as the minimum. How to determine your DirectX version and shader model.
  • FPS Revisions/Improvements:
    • Added new first person inventory items. Functionality NYI. If you have All Aspects Warfare, then you know how these work. If not, you can read more about them in the game docs.

      Portable Shield Unit (PSU)
      Portable Sensor Jammer (PSJ)
      Portable Cloaking Unit (PCU)
      Portable Repair Unit (PRU)
    • Revised number of weapons and items which can be carried

      x2 primary weapons (Wristlaser, pistols)
      x4 secondary weapons (rifles, launchers)
      x10 grenades and mines
      x10 standard items (Medkit/Toolkit/Nutripak)
      x4 inventory items (JETPACK, D.I.E, TDU, PSU, PSJ, PRU, PCU, LADMK1 turret, YN99MK1 turret)
    • Reduced weapon mode switch timeout to 0.25s (was 1.0s)
    • Reduced joystick mode switch timeout to 0.25s (was 1.0s)
    • Reduced weapon/inventory switch timeout to 0.1s (was 0.25s)
    • Reduced target lock time for launchers to 250ms (was 500ms). Remains 100ms with cheats enabled
    • Increased) body armor protection levels

      KEVLAR | 250 (was 25)
      LIGHT | 350 (was 50)
      MEDIUM | 500 (was 75)
      HEAVY | 600 (was 100)
    • Reduced grenade pin time to 5 secs. Also increased throw range
    • Reduced the detonation trigger of the proximity grenade and APM to 5 secs. Once you step on one of these, that’s how much time you have before it detonates
    • Removed backpack inventory item as it was never used
    • Removed Waypoint Designator Unit (WDU) as an inventory item. Was never used due to TACOPS having the same functionality. It is still part of the game engine as it is used by some mission scripts to area points of interest.
    • Infantry units (including player) will now be visible on radar for 15s (was 5s) after going prone. Also, an NPC searching for a prone unit that’s within visual range will see it quicker.
    • Reduced player oxygen reserves from 30mins to 4 mins for marines & 2 mins for pilots and everyone else.
    • Secondary fire (mouse button 2) no longer used for forward movement. Will later be used for other planned functionality such as melee, aim-down-sights etc
    • Both pilot careers now have jetpacks
    • The Mobile Infantry Marine and Commander careers now have a jetpack in all loadouts
  • AI Tweaks/Improvements:
    • Extensive tweaks to AI used by NPC infantry, including target acquisition, weapons fire prediction etc. You’re gonna die. A lot. Look on the bright side – you have better armor now, as well as some cool new toys (PCU, PSU etc)
    • NPC personnel will now randomly throw (if they have them) grenades at targets that are further than 15m away
    • NPC infantry will now pursue a target up to 1.5km before giving up
    • Improved NPC infantry target acquisition & prediction
    • NPC trying to find a target to attack will no longer always choose the closest, instead will select one from a radius (500m for persons and 25km for others) of valid targets
    • The supply depot and hangar ground units will now deploy marines when threats detected. This was done due to the large (8km x 8km) size of the new scenes which have ground buildings more spread out
  • Radar Tweaks/Improvements:
    • Due to the huge scenes which contain more objects, the number of tracked planetary targets has been increased (again) to 2048
    • Increased TACSCAN active radar range to 250km, and passive radar range to 50km. The radar range of the first person map is still 5km
    • The number of tracked radar targets is now displayed in TACOPS
    • The current target location (under mouse pointer) is now displayed in TACOPS. This is particularly useful for those using GBS to create planet missions
    • TACSCAN STT targeting mode (\) can now be used in vehicles and in the D.I.E
  • Aircraft Dynamics Tweaks/Improvements:
    • Improvements to aerial (no changes to space model) flight dynamics model
    • Damaged NPC aircraft will now be destroyed when they collide with the ground at high speed
    • Crafts colliding with the ground at high speed when not in VTOL or LAND mode will now be destroyed
    • Damaged NPC aircraft with integrity less than 75% will no longer do ground collision avoidance. Will also spin out of control and fall to the ground under gravity.
    • The aircraft contrail intensity setting is now based on the craft speed
  • The target designator (CTRL+P) command is a bit more responsive. In case you never used this before, it’s pretty handy when managing support teams of craft and infantry. e.g.
    1. Target a unit (any kind) on radar
    2. Press CTRL+P to designate it. You should hear a beep.
    3. Press TAB to cycle through units you previously added (using P) to your priority list
    4. Press ESC to call up the Team Orders Menu for the priority list unit. You should now see the target in step 2 already added to commands which can be carried out against the designated target. e.g. you could designate a ship, then use units in your priority list to quickly defend, escort, attack etc.
  • Scenario list is now sorted by career.
  • Can now hear weather effects audio (rain, wind etc) inside capital ships. This wasn’t previously implemented for realism reasons. But now the logic is that all outside audio (like weapon shots) is simulated inside the craft.
  • The EMD now has a 10% chance every second of jamming incoming missiles for 5 seconds. This means you can no longer just leave it on and coast through enemy territory.
  • Improvements to planetary base defense systems. Also increased the max number of deployed NPC defense marines in a base to 16 (was 8)
  • Reduced energy required to do 1 point damage to 1 unit (was 25)
  • Can now dock vehicles and aircraft at launch pads to rearm/repair
  • Scene objects (any 3D model) subjected to heavy collisions, will now be displaced (moved, shifted) by the physics model
  • Minor tweaks to explosion fragments. Also added support for high velocity shrapnel (grenades, rockets) which also cause damage
  • Minor tweaks to Experience Points calculations
  • Revised the time delay for the removal of destroyed entities
  • Performance improvements to NPC aircraft collision avoidance with ground buildings. Also now enabled by default, though it’s performance intensive. To disable it, use the /a command line option
  • Rendering of legacy trees (not grass) on the planet didn’t work correctly on some modern graphics cards. This would cause rendering issues with laser shots on the planet at certain altitudes. So this option is now disabled by default. Delete UCCONFIG.INI, so the game creates a new one on startup with this option disabled.
  • Various visual effects (e.g. explosions) tweaks and improvements
  • Added option to set the mouse sensitivity (0-10) in UCCONFIG.INI. NYI in the game engine
  • Added LOTS of new content. This 1hr video released on 09/02/18 shows some of the new scenes and assets

    • Replaced legacy planet scene buildings.
    • Replaced several misc 3D models such a cargo pods, supply platform, DJP etc
    • Replaced all legacy first person weapons. NOTE: the first person pov still needs to be tweaked for some of these.

      4 PISTOLS
      3 SHOTGUNS
      4 GRENADES + 2 MINES
    • Replaced several air/space craft models.

      NOTE: Some of these (e.g. Starlance, Blackghost, Shadow, Shuttle MK1) don’t look like the existing ones. The plan is to one day have some of the more iconic ones (e.g. the Bluish Starlancer fighter) redone as per their original design and color scheme, while retaining (different names) these replacements. Also added some which are new* to the game series.

      SHUTTLE MK1 (temporarily replicated to MK2 & MK3)
      * new asset addition to game

    • Replaced several legacy ground vehicles. Also added some which are new* to the game series.

    • Replaced several legacy enemy air defense units

      LADMK1, YN99MK1 (turrets)
      ACM, ADV, TSX1/TSX2, AX10/AX21/AX25, GDN4/GDN7 (SAM)
      MK1P/MK2P, XP10/XP15, MK1D/MK2D, MK3P (SAL)
    • Replaced several legacy ground key buildings, and misc units

    • Replaced all legacy planet scenes with new ones.

      NOTE: All the legacy scenes are currently empty (starbases are in scenes that have them) because the new ones are not yet completed. Only the following scenes have been integrated for testing. The IA0910 – IA0914 test scenarios can be used for quickly testing these.


      The scenes also now use 3D models with embedded road layouts. Due to some rendering issues, there is some flickering with these new types of site textures. This will be addressed at a later date.

      The game uses a .3DG scene group file to populate the planetary scenes. This file is just a collection of .3D objects which are loaded at runtime. The .3D models used, don’t have to be created, as they already exist (as used in the scenes mentioned above). Only the .3DG group files themselves need to be populated with the .3D models. And it’s all done manually (not procedurally) in the editor; so it’s a bit of work to do them manually. Below is an image of a scene with the site texture showing road markings.

      sample planetary scene in editor

  • Updated the Game Builder System (GBS) distribution files. You need to rebuild your scripts using the latest parser. GBS discussion forum.
  • FIXED: The PAUSE key was temporarily disabled while testing something, and I forgot to re-enable it. Sorry! 🙂
  • FIXED: Wristlaser, SCAT1/SCAT2 pistols multi-mode didn’t always work. So you couldn’t change the weapon mode
  • FIXED: The character animation wasn’t working correctly when the Wristlaser (Commander only weapon) was armed

[3.00.19 | 03-07-2018]

  • Minor revision to the description file for “A World Apart Episode 2” (CMDR_C0010) scenario
  • Updated the Game Builder System (GBS) distribution files to include the aforementioned scenario. GBS discussion forum.

[3.00.19 | 01-23-2018]

  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • Intruders will no longer be able to board the CC if the Tacyon Anagram Shield (artifact) is installed and set to 50% or higher level.

    Also, when they do board, they will now drop the CC shields (any kind) automatically. When you hear the shields go down, this should be another warning that you have intruders on board.

    Below is a reminder of all the circumstances under which intruders will never board the CC

    • Tacyon Anagram Shield (TAS) installed and operational at 50% or higher level
    • EMD jammers are on
    • is in hyperjump
    • is cloaked
    • is docked

    If you don’t want to search and trade for it, you can use the GBS modding tools to obtain the TAS. More info.

  • Updated (minor change to Playmod docs) GBS file distribution. More info
  • Updated game manual pages 1, 16, 83. Go to Control Panel and uninstall the previous version. Then locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. See KB64

[3.00.18 | 12-31-2017]

  • Minor tweaks and improvements

[3.00.17 | 12-23-2017]

  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • A wormhole linking the two (linked by a wormhole in the Neutral Zone) uncharted galaxies (ELURIA, GARIDIAN) to the known galaxy, has been detected in Supernova-10 (SN-10). Navitron computer won’t help you get there; so it’s old school cartography time. Start with WRM-27 located in SN-10 region. Vast riches (or maybe death) await the adventurous explorer.
  • Adjusted gun/turret laser power requirements, resulting in faster gun recharge rates. NOTE: The higher the laser level, the more damage to the target – at a sacrifice of longer recharge (between firing) rate. The gun laser has limited power. When firing, if the requested energy exceeds the current charge, the guns won’t fire until fully recharged. The default laser level is 10 (0=off, 100=full), allowing faster recharge rate, more shots, less damage per shot. In addition, all craft have varying recharge rates, and per shot damage. Remember this before tinkering with these settings.
  • Added active EMD jammer (J key) to closeair gunships and shuttles
  • Added target range to F10 target camera
  • Minor 3D spatial audio improvements. NOTE: The new system uses a lot of SPL for audio processing; so don’t expect the audio to sound the same as before
  • In order to reduce the clutter in the game world, more target types will now self-destruct between 5-10 mins of being disabled (Grey)
  • MOTHER will no longer warn about a missile target being friendly|hostile as if it were a ship
  • Updated GBS file distribution. More info
  • FIXED: Using cheats to spawn ships would sometimes cause a crash

[3.00.16 | 12-04-2017]

  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • Headshots for infantry are now always lethal
  • FIXED: 3D audio settings weren’t working correctly

[3.00.15 | 11-30-2017]

  • Minor tweaks and improvements.
  • Additional significant improvements to 3D spatial audio. This is on-going.
  • Revisions to K, L, O radar targeting commands (and the controller variants). They now prioritize threats which are actually firing at you or the selected target. This means that when using these commands, you will find units (e.g. enemy air defenses, fighters etc) which are actively trying to kill you, instead of units (e.g. starbase, launch pad) which have radar, but which don’t have weapons. NOTE: If you get NO TARGET after using one of these commands, that means no target was found in the current radar mode (SPC/GND/AIR) so you need to switch modes and check again. e.g. on the planet, if a GND target isn’t found, then the threat was an AIR target.
  • The high level combat tactics for NPC fighters (removed from Config in previous version) is now disabled by default due to combat being difficult for some people. If you do want to use it, search the UCCONFIG.INI file for HLEnemyCombatTactics and set to TRUE; then save the file and restart. Good luck!
  • Improvements to the IA0100 marine training scenario. Also updated p63 of the tutorial.
  • Improved NPC infantry AI orders in various areas such as waypoint navigation, target acquisition etc
  • Updated GBS file distribution. More info
  • Updated in-game docs and UI. Go to Control Panel and uninstall the previous version. Then Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. See KB64
  • FIXED: A terrain rendering issue

[ | 11-27-2017]

  • FIXED: an issue which invalidated previous saved games. NOTE: All saved games from the previous .14 version will be invalidated
  • FIXED: an issue which prevented the game from running in WIN7

[3.00.14 | 11-23-2017]

  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • In early prep for migrating content over, made some tweaks to existing assets. e.g. some gunships had contrails which they’re not supposed to have.
  • Unless controlled by player, mobile EAD (Enemy Air Defenses) and MFB (Mobile Forward Base) units should no longer move around the planetary scenes
  • Audio revisions:
    • Various tweaks and improvements. More revisions coming
    • Major revisions to 3D spatial audio processing
    • Added background comms chatter audio for fighters and shuttles
    • Added new MOTHER audio files and voice command cues
  • Revised behavior of solar energy collection

    When switching the focus location in Tacops to a different one from where your ship currently is (e.g observing a surface from space), the solar reactor would stop producing power until you return the focus to your ship's area.
    This happens because the CC is located in space where the solar energy is collected. Remote viewing a planetary region involves moving the current solar vector position there. And it could be different from the position of the Sun due to how the TOD works on surface locations. And since the solar energy is not stored in a battery, it is lost when that vector location is changed from space to planet via remote viewing. It works normally when remote viewing space regions because the vector remains unchanged in space.

[3.00.13 | 10-26-2017]
NOTE: This build will replace your existing UCCONFIG.INI file with a new one with default settings.

  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • Added support for new resolutions: 2560×1440 (QHD, WQHD, Quad HD, 1440p) and 3840×2160 (UHD, Ultra HD, 4K, 2160p) More info
  • CC power now checked before accessing TACTICAL, PERSCAN, & TACOPS computers from bridge command menu. NOTE: Logistix is special case. See known issues
  • Added planetary starbase docking transitions
  • Audio revisions:
    • Changed NPC gun sounds playback to ON|OFF setting in CONFIG
    • Minor revisions to personnel & MOTHER audio feedback
    • NPC weapons fire and explosions will no longer play for regions player is not in. e.g. if you leave a battle in Earth space region, and go to the planet, you will no longer hear weapon and explosion sounds from the space battle. The logic behind this feature was so that when far away from a region, you could get audio feedback via the global probe that is in orbit around the Fluxfield in BLACKHOLE05. Kind of like a comms relay. But there was no way to control it.
    • Added updated MOTHER voicefx
  • In TACOPS using ENTER key to toggle 3D object rendering is now only enabled in cheat mode. Some people having pressed this key either intentionally or by mistake, forgetting that it’s documented in the manual, ended up wondering why all their 3D objects disappeared on radar. This was a performance related option from years ago, and which no longer applies due to advancements in computing power.
  • Revised cheat commands, and added some new ones. See docs
  • Updated in-game docs. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. See KB64
  • FIXED: Some UI anomalies in assets (e.g. Engstrom carrier) with more than 8 support craft.
  • FIXED: CC was able to dock with a planetside MFB

[3.00.12 | 10-11-2017]

  • Minor improvements
  • Increased (250 to 1024) the number of planetary objects which the radar can track at any one time.
  • Updated in-game docs. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. See KB64

    Quite a few pages have been updated to reflect the current build state. Also a new 12.5 section was added. It explains the shuttle planetside ops revision from a previous build. The images on p14 and p69 were also added/updated.
  • FIXED: COMMAND/SYSTEMS menu in the HUD, had some incorrect mappings.

[3.00.11 | 10-08-2017]

  • Minor cleanup to address an issue with two launch parameters showing in Steam client. There should now only be one. If you own the DLC and you want to revert to the base game, you have to uninstall it first. This will then remove the DLC files and revert to the base UCCE 2.0 game.
  • Revised all cheat keys. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update the GAME_CHEATS.PDF file.

[3.00.10 | 04-25-2016]

  • FIXED: This is a minor out-of-band release which addresses an issue with NPC animations indexing.
    All characters share animations (packed in the .\models\animate\.3DM files) indicated at the top of the .\models\animate\.INI file. Since the .INI file indices were incorrect, all 8 characters which use .M01 and .MO2 animation sets, had an issue in which the wrong animation (e.g. jump) was played.

    e.g. if you deployed Resnig (CO), Kendrick (CE), Brooks (FO) then jumped, they are supposed to mimic your movement. However, instead of jumping, they would wave instead.

    Anyone who owns the original non-STEAM 2009 v2.0 release, can download and re-apply the updated standalone patch which now contains this fix.

[3.00.10 | 03-11-2016]

  • FIXED: Minor cleanup
  • FIXED: Pilot careers unable to requisition missiles while docked at station

[3.00.09 | 02-15-2016]

  • FIXED: Attempting to view (e.g. in TacOps video feed) a debris field in uncharted regions would sometimes cause a crash.
  • FIXED: An issue with the MFB driving around the base.

[3.00.08 | 01-02-2016]

  • Added a new UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe program which installs and creates shortcuts to the new docs. The Steam client may not automatically run this file. So you should run it manually. Locate and run the UCCE30_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. See KB64
  • Added the standard galaxy map which has a White background, making it easier to print. Located in .\docs\GAME_GALAXY_MAP_STD.JPG
  • Revised game commands PDF. Also reduced to 4 pages
  • Updated game manual pages 1, 5, 8, 72, 73, 93
  • Revised the naming convention of quick/full game saves in the HUD command menu
  • Added the Galaxy Map to the HUD command menu. Increased the scrolling speed. Changed hotkey to SHIFT+M
  • FIXED: Some minor cleanup, tweaks and fixes
  • FIXED: The Engineering & Medical Corps marines had access to weapons (rifles & launchers) they couldn’t use. See game manual p72
  • FIXED: Some HUD command menus (Roster, Miscon) were not activating the correct system
  • FIXED: Some missing files caused a crash when attempting to observe or land on planets in the Garidian IV and Garidian V systems

[3.00.07 | 12-14-2015]

  • The marine type is now shown in the TACTICAL/LOADOUT screens. No more sending a Space Force Marine to the planet by mistake
  • FIXED: When intruders were aboard the ship, at certain resolutions, the PERSCAN display was formatted incorrectly

[3.00.06 | 12-02-2015]

  • Ships can now use hyperjump to navigate to distant waypoints in space regions.

    NOTE: This can only be done by the ship's AutoPilot as there is no way to select a waypoint as a jump target. So after setting the waypoint in Tacops, give the craft "Resume Waypoints" order, then for the CC, just engage the AP. Support craft will automatically engage AP when given this order.
  • FIXED: Minor error in .\data\language.lng

[3.00.05 | 11-30-2015]

  • The shuttle extraction method has now been made uniform based on revisions from the previous version.

    Shuttle now extracts deployed mining drones and vehicles (OC) using waypoints similar to deployed teams.
    The vehicles drive to the shuttle, dock and the shuttle takes off and moves to the next waypoint.

    If the shuttle leaves before the vehicle gets there, then the mining drone reverts to mining. A vehicle would revert to SAD.

  • Revised manual shuttle team/asset extraction method to match recent revisions.

    This mechanism is now used for manual extraction using the shuttles LHS cockpit menu.
    CREW->DEPLOYED TEAMS->select personnel to evac



    This orders the vehicle/persons to return and enter the SC.

    You must wait for the asset to arrive.

    If the shuttle leaves the order to return is cancelled. You should then land (perhaps closer to the asset) and issue the order again.

  • Revised asset transfer to shuttles. Previously the assets would be transferred to the shuttle from quite long distances as if the shuttle had a transporter system.

    The mining drone motion/turn rates has been reduced and scaled.
    The collision range accuracy between personnel and objects has been increased. In some instances when teams return to a craft they are beyond the docking range even though they have collided. This causes them to just stand outside.
  • You can now quit to the main menu from the MISCON scenario selection screen.

[3.00.04 | 11-12-2015]

  • Revisions to saved game description. Now supports longer names, adds multi-line etc
  • FIXED: The shuttle can now reliably extract deployed personnel from a planet surface. Be sure to set the waypoint close to the people being extracted. The shuttle will leave within 15 secs if nobody is nearby. It will also leave if under attack and integrity falls to 60 or below.
  • FIXED: Minor tweaks and fixes

[3.00.03 | 08-03-2015]

  • Revised ODS launch parameters and AI logic allowing them to now fire missiles more reliably
  • Probes can now be launched from either the /pod or /ship tags. This solves an issue with the Starcarrier sometimes not launching probes
  • FIXED: Minor tweaks and fixes

[3.00.02 | 06-29-2015]

  • Revised ODS launch parameters, allowing them to now fire laser turrets more reliably
  • The crew weapons is now displayed in Tactical/Crew interface
  • FIXED: Can no longer tractor a foreign asset into the Command Craft. Unless the towed asset is one of yours, the prompt will no longer appear.
  • FIXED: Various Frontend issues in Config
  • FIXED: Various rendering issues in some interfaces e.g. Tacops, various camera (including bridge) views etc

[3.00.01 | 06-10-2015]

  • Added final main menu image for The Lyrius Conflict
  • On-going cleanup of legacy modules with minor fixes, preparations for the next “big” thing etc
  • All legacy 4:3 resolutions have been deprecated (removed). 1280×720 (720p) is now the default. The RESOLUTION parameter in the UCCONFIG.INI file can still be edited to force any desired resolution.
  • FIXED: Various Frontend issues in Navitron, Tactical, Roster, Miscon

[3.00.00 | 06-02-2015]

Derived from UCCE v2.00.03 | 15-05-28. See 2.0 changelog

Based on the 3.0 game kernel (which includes everything in 2.0), and future updates will reflect this.

If you have the DLC, you will have the new main menu image, and your version number in the lower-right corner will show v3.0 or higher.

If you only have the base (2015) game, you will see the old main menu image, and your version number in the lower-right corner will show v2.00 (the final update to that product generation).

You will now also see two separate launch options when you try to run the game. The first one runs the standard game. If you have the DLC, then a second option will be displayed, and which runs the DLC build.

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