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The Terran military structure is a complex myriad of laws procedures and tons of paperwork. This is a list of Terran goals. For military personnel, its simple: do not fire unless fired upon; if fired upon then terminate with extreme prejudice. Short and simple.

1.  Gain more member nations for Galactic Command.

2.  Allocate resource units to build additional starbases, starstations, and defense systems within the Terran quadrant.

3  Protect all Terran assets and those of GALCOM member nations against hostile acts. These include the protection of all bases, stations, and ships operating within the Terran quadrant and their allies.

4  Provide tactical assistance to the Empirians in Alpha Centauri and the Vesperons in Omicron Eridani.

5  Protect the trading lanes from hostile forces and ensure that all registered transports have safe passage through GALCOM controlled territories.

6.  Maintain a combat-ready reaction force in key regions which provide entry into the Terran quadrant. These include Polaris, Tau Ceti, and Barnard's Star.

7.  Maintain a combat-ready reaction force in Procyon and prevent the Vesperons from violating directives and waging war on the occupants of that system.

8.  Maintain a combat-ready reaction force in Lanix-V and prevent the Credians and Zelons from destroying a key connection to the Terran quadrant. The ultimate goal is to stop the war between these parties.

9.  Be prepared to provide tactical assistance to the Mandorians and Kandorians in the war effort against the Valkerie and Gammulans (if they request it).

10.  Maintain an elite deep-cover covert force within the Gammulan quadrant to assist the Falkerie underground movement liberate that nation from Gammulan rule.

Command Operations And Guidelines



As a high-ranking officer, your ship and crew are your responsibility. Your main task is to carry out the orders of GALCOM to the best of your ability. Your patrol zone is your responsibility and anything happening in there is directly linked to your record of service. From time to time, there will be a lull in your operational service and during this time, and as long as you are not on active combat duty (assigned patrol zone status), you are free to pursue other activities which help further promote the Terran government, the human race, as well as peace & stability in allied regions.


As a commander, you are free to explore the galaxy and report back to GALCOM on your findings such as new civilizations, lifeforms, hostile force concentrations, and most importantly, first-contact situations.

Trading Operations

Trading is the primary role of most space-faring ships in the galaxy. Thousands of light years are spanned each day by trading ships that go between space starstations and planetary starbases. Due to the dynamic nature of trading itself and the diverse nature of items that can be traded, traders are usually the target of criminals and other hostile castes. By scouting the trading routes and making your presence known in those areas, hostile castes will refrain from ambushing trader transports and other diplomatic ships that use those routes. As a commander, you are allowed to trade items to distant regions in order to assist in the promotion of free trade amongst the intelligent inhabitants of the galaxy. What you buy or sell is the sole property of GALCOM since you will be operating on behalf of the Terran government.

Fleet Operations

Several high profile missions require the assembly of a fleet with a high-ranking officer in command. If you are assigned to a fleet operation in which you outrank the lead officer, you are to immediately assume command of that fleet until further orders to the contrary are received. Subsequently, if you do not outrank the highest ranking officer you are to follow instructions and commands as necessary in order to facilitate the smooth & rapid completion of the assigned mission. If you fail to follow orders from a high-ranking officer (usually in ACM), you will be court-martialed. In BCM, you cannot assume command of a fleet but you can be assigned to one and receive commands from its leader when carrying out an ACM mission.

Salvage & Rescue Operations

From time to time, you will come across or receive distress signals from ships that are in trouble either from hostile attacks or other conditions which prevent them from operating as normal. You are to respond to these distress calls and render any and all assistance to the ships. Frequently, you will need to tow ships back to the nearest starstation. You will gain experience points for such actions and in some cases, receive credits for hostile ships that are delivered.


You are not a diplomat. Don’t pretend to be. You are a seasoned commander and representative of Terran worlds and the human race. You are a warrior. However, even warriors can ‘play nice’ and as such you are expected to adhere to common diplomatic protocols when dealing with other species and castes. If diplomacy fails, you have one of the most powerful ships in the known galaxy with an experienced crew. Use them.

Violations and Court Martial

One day, you’re going to do something wrong and you’re going to get a violation. You can get violations by attacking friendly assets, trading weapons or advanced systems to the enemy, trading in illegal items, and consistently ignoring distress calls within range of your scanners. Stack up enough of them (10) and you’re going to be court-martialed. Once you get the order to report for a court-martial hearing, you are to immediately proceed to Galactic Command HQ in orbit around Earth for a hearing. If you are found innocent, you will be returned to active duty. If you are guilty, you will get a dishonorable discharge from GALCOM and never get to command another military craft again.