NOTE:These updates are only for The Lyrius Conflict DLC which requires the base game Universal Combat CE v2.0 (2015). Unless you have the DLC, you won’t have access to these updates.

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[2.00.04] | 17-10-11]

This update is for the 2015 Steam version

  • Updated in-game docs. Locate and run the UCCE20_steam_shortcuts.exe file in your install folder to update stand-alone PDF files. More info
  • Increased (250 to 1024) the number of planetary objects which the radar can track at any one time.
  • FIXED: COMMAND/SYSTEMS menu in the HUD, had some incorrect mappings.

[2.00.03] | 15-05-28]

This FINAL patch is for UCCE 2.0 (2009). See support KB67 article for more info.

  • FIXED: It was possible to start a ROAM scenario in the pocket universe (Garidian IV and Garidian V starsystems). As they are not connected to the known universe, there was no way out without the Hyperion Sub-Space Device artifact.
  • FIXED: Orbital Defense Systems were not engaging hostile targets with laser turrets. WARNING: This invalidates ALL pre-existing saved games. 🙁
  • FIXED: It was possible to create a saved game with more than 15 characters in the name
  • FIXED: When docked at station with shuttle, some GUI menus are misaligned/incorrect
  • FIXED: It was possible to restore a game in which the AE had previously died in the saved game
  • FIXED: In Logistix/Craft, systems with lots of repair items overlap under the upgrade bar
  • FIXED: The 2D clipping of the cockpit HUD pitch ladder was broken, so it didn’t display all sections
  • FIXED: In Logistix/Cargo, the gauge is overflowing due to the bay capacity.

    Also, in some cases, wrong bays were shown. e.g. CB2 for shuttles which only have one bay

    All scales (Logisitix, Tactical, Tradcom) have been changed to indicate empty when the associated bay is empty. The number to the right of the scale indicates the maximum capacity of the bay.

    The cargo scales have been adjusted so that they will show 1 pixel bars when not empty. e.g. even if there is just one unit used in a 5000 unit space. Previously the scales would not register even when the bay contained several small items.

  • FIXED: If you access MISCON while already playing a game session, the hotspots (only used during new game selection) are still active where the buttons are.
  • FIXED: It was not possible to take (CTRL+G) a screen shot from the Frontend (e.g. Logistix, Tactical etc) systems
  • FIXED: PERSCAN not displaying correct image for the AE. Was using Mother (ship’s computer). Will now use either the male or female commander image depending on career.
  • FIXED: Various GUI fixes e.g. various buttons in GUI systems caused minor graphics anomalies.
  • FIXED: Some military installations were not deploying marines to engage hostiles due to AI rules. Also starbase, nplant, splant objects will also now deploy marines when hostiles are detected nearby.
  • FIXED: CRASH – in PERSCAN when hovering over crew images in carrier with more than 20 marines
  • FIXED: CRASH – sometimes occurs when deploying a drone, depending on the position (e.g. on Titania)
  • FIXED: CRASH – when docking at station with a foreign (not belonging to the CC) shuttle
  • FIXED: CRASH – when using the cargo menu in the Mobile Forward Base. This was due to incorrect GUI menu options which should not be active unless the docked asset is one of yours (fighter, shuttle, vehicle).

[2.00.02] | 15-02-05]

Remastered for release on Steam, marking the 25 year anniversary since the world and characters that spawned the first Battlecruiser 3000AD (1996) game were created, thus starting the long journey. This re-release is based on the Collectors Edition 2.0 (2009) release.

  • Minor audio/video tweaks. Now requires a Shader Model 3.0 video card
  • Added 6 Instant Action scenarios (IA0401 to IA0405)
  • Added 8 Advanced Campaign Mode scenarios (CMDR_C0010 to CMDR_C0017)
  • Added new space skyboxes
  • Added 8 additional music tracks
  • Added updated 3000AD logo animation file
  • Minor revisions to the manual (e.g. removed the multiplayer section)
  • Added updated docs, including cheat code documentation

    NOTE: If Steam does not automatically install the shortcuts to all the docs in your Windows Start menu, you can manually force their installation by running the UCCE20_steam_shortcuts.exe file located in the Steam install folder at \SteamApps\common\Universal Combat CE v20\

[2.00.01] | 09-04-25]

First Release

Remastered and developed from game engines based on the original 2007 Universal Combat CE

Completely replaced the following engines with versions used in GALCOM: Echo Squad SE

Includes all features (except multiplayer) from the original Universal Combat CE release (2007)

Terrain rendering engine

  • All shaders upgraded to improved SM 2.0 versions. Game will no longer run on SM 1.x hardware
  • All new terrain and environment lighting
  • All new water rendering
  • Volumetric clouds
  • Revised Sun (and sunlight) rendering
  • Increased terrain data resolution
  • Revised weather (rain, snow, heatwave etc) rendering and handling

Graphics rendering engine

  • Now requires SM 2.0 card as a minimum.
  • All shaders upgraded to improved SM 2.0 versions. Game will no longer run on SM 1.x hardware
  • All new shader based effects including, shield/armor impact, hyperspace, hyperjump, explosions, particle filters, cloaking, contrails, gun fire, damage etc
  • High Dynamic Range lighting with blooming and tone mapping. Can be disabled for cards with problematic drivers.
  • Motion blur
  • Multiple dynamic light sources (e.g. from planets, explosions, other scene objects etc)
  • New space skybox rendering with ambient cube maps
  • Normal mapping

Frontend GUI engine

  • The CONFIG option in the drop-down menu is no longer active.
  • Input interface module. Minimal support for gamepads and XBox 360 Controller For Windows controller.
  • Asset streaming module
  • In-game document viewing module

New Content

Replaced all legacy assets with newer versions which were revised for GALCOM: Echo Squad SE

  • Added the Engstrom super carrier
  • Various 3D models
  • All skybox assets
  • All specialFX assets and shaders
  • Frontend GUI assets
  • Planetary terrain rendering assets
  • Space rendering engine assets

Misc Revisions

  • Added new commandline parameters

    run in windowed mode. unsupported
    -w, /w

  • Added in-game viewer for game commands (SHIFT+H), manual (ALT+H), tutorial (CTRL+H) & galaxy map (CTRL+M) available via a new in-game document viewer

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