Line Of Defense Comic Issue 2 Released!

On August 19, 2014, in In the News, Press, by 3000ad

What happens when you drop-launch a hardened GALCOM combat vet into the middle of an Insurgent held region as punishment for insubordination? Pure mayhem; and Rabbit brings it in Spades while making a new friend along the way. Read the full comic online now.


Line Of Defense Early Access Delay

On August 6, 2014, in In the News, Press, by 3000ad

We were on schedule to launch the Steam Early Access last week but still found some issues to resolve and address. So it is delayed by about two weeks or so. You can read the full story over on the official website.


Line Of Defense Headed to Early Access

On June 12, 2014, in In the News, Press, by 3000ad

As the development on our upcoming MMO hybrid title, Line Of Defense, ramps up to Beta and the final release later this year, we have decided to extend the scope of the public test by bringing the game exclusively to Steam’s Early Access program. This allows us to run the public game testing on a platform which will provide us with the most meaningful feedback.

You can read the full E3 2014 press release below for more details.

Line of Defense heads for Early Access in July

3000AD announced today that its upcoming MMOFPS Line of Defense will make its debut on Steam Early Access in July as part of its public Beta testing program.

Line of Defense features a massive world with large continents, enormous bases some spanning more than 16 sq. km, as well as unique climate zones and weather patterns, plenty of space for the skill-based Player-vs.-player FPS combat.

In addition to the large planetary areas, Line Of Defense also features vast space regions, complete with fully built stations and a carrier, all of which gamers can explore and do battle in while seamlessly moving to and from the planetary bases below. The scope of the Line Of Defense world can be seen here.

The first phase of Early Access will feature the Heatwave planetary starbase and the GCV-Starguard carrier in orbit around the Lyrius planet. New features and areas will frequently unlock as the testing phase progresses, including new levels, new vehicles, and new weapons leading up to the game’s official release later this fall.

For such a massive game, this staggered release allows the team to focus on each aspect of the game during the public Beta testing. Meaningful feedback from the public will enable the team to address issues, concerns and gameplay suggestions in a timely fashion as each aspect of the game is unlocked and extensively tested.

Line of Defense will debut exclusively on Steam at $99.99 for the Early Access adopters, giving players access to the game as well as the Tactical Advancement Level IV ($69.99 value) kit which includes a variety of items. They will also have the choice of four Commander Perks that identify them as having participated in the Early Access program. This includes a medal, a special vehicle, as well as other perks. They will also be given a free copy of the recently released Line Of Defense Tactics companion game ($24.99 value).

Line of Defense features

• Massive and persistent open world gameplay on continents, some of which are in excess of 16 sq. km.
• Breathtaking environments with each continent featuring unique topology, different climate zones, weather patterns, dynamic time of day etc.
• Skill based PvP combat on foot, in vehicles or in aircrafts.
• Character progression with various abilities which can be learned. Build the character class that you want depending on how you play. No fixed classes.
• A 100% persistent world (no instancing) with seamless space and planetary areas; all with ability to move from planetside starbases to stations in the space region above.
• Easily create fireteams (a.k.a guilds) with either human or NPC troops and from a few people to very large troops of varying skills and equipment.
• Build your own planetary base Forward Operating Base and use it as your player housing for yourself or your fireteam.
• Buy and own your own assets (weapons, vehicles, aircrafts etc) and with your own unique weapons customizations.
• More player assets than you can handle, most with advanced customization (e.g. infra-red night vision rifle scopes) and attributes.
• Hybrid business model which caters to both F2P and premium models; both with access to in-game monetization.
• Endless possibilities for future expansions are other areas of Lyrius and other planets in the region are colonized and opened up via game expansions.
• No pointless grind. No boring crafting. No inconsequential resource collection. Just pure war on a very – very – large scale.

For more information on Line of Defense visit:


Line Of Defense Tactics Released!

On February 4, 2014, in In the News, by 3000ad

Our Unity3D based multi-platform game, the companion to our upcoming Line Of Defense MMO game due out later this year, has been released on Apple iOS, Mac OSX, GooglePlay (Android) and AmazonMobile (Android) AppStores. For the direct links, please visit the game’s website.


Line Of Defense Tactics Website

On January 21, 2014, in In the News, by 3000ad

The new Line Of Defense Tactics website is now online. It includes a wealth of new game info, screen shots and the complete docs for the game. LOD Tactics is on schedule to be released across multiple platforms during the week of Feb 1st.


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