I have been advised by GT (Europe) that BATTLECRUISER 3000AD v2.08, has gone into production and should be in stores within two weeks. The European version boasts a printed 146 page manual and a keyboard reference sheet.

BC3K v2.08 is the most advanced version in the series and sports the technologically advanced Tactical Operations Command extensions for amazing real-time combat and exploration in space and on planets. A highly advanced Electronic Battlefield with over 90 space regions, 75 planets, 145 moons. Apart from a host of new features, models and enhancements, v2.08 includes exactly 7,970 planetary mission zones. The original v2.0 released in December ’98 by Interplay, only had 42.

In the tradition of sticking with the fans, a free upgrade to v2.08 is now available on the 3000AD website. All owners of any BC3K title, going as far back as v1.0, can upgrade to this version.

I have also sent Interplay, the US distributors, for free, a gold master of v2.08 which will be used for all future production runs. The last production version, as of two weeks ago, was v2.07.

Work on the true sequel, Battlecruiser 3020AD, due out in 2000, continues full steam ahead. Today, new screen shots were posted on the cruisers section of the screen shots page.


I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt regrets to the entire B5 team who lost their jobs as a result of Sierra’s restructuring. These decisions are never easy for publishers and even harder to consume by the developers and the fan base. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the numbers. The larger the team and the longer the development, the less chances a publisher stands of turning a profit. It does not take 50 whining gamers to make a game profitable and in this highly competitive market, the more money you bury into a project, the less chances you have of turning a profit. Sometimes I remember when it was actually fun to work in this God forsaken industry. Sometimes.

Its sickening, yes, I know because I was looking forward to this title and further, I know what its like to suffer a loss and have a dream turn into a nightmare. So, lets be calm out there. I’ve been there back in ’96 and I know, first hand, what it feels like. I don’t think one ever recovers from that emotional stress. We can only hope that the talented crew can find their way back to gainful employment and hopefully, have learned from their mistakes. It takes two.


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