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  1. Some first person laser weapons (e.g. SCAT1 pistol) being rendered bi-directional when fired.
  2. Sometimes unable to repair some ship systems

    Depending on the amount of damage and amount of repair time, this will sometimes happen if you start repairs at a station/base, leave (which suspends the repairs) before it is completed, then try to repair the same systems using your own Systems Engineers.

  3. There are some UI issues related to crafts (e.g. Engstrom) with more than 8 support craft. For example in the bridge TLM, button for FC #16 is missing. In Tactical/Loadout, the right-arrow to load a new page of ships, isn’t rendered.

    The bridge TLM issue has been fixed in 3.00.13. In Tactical/Loadout all the craft are now available; however the right-arrow to load craft 5-8 is sometimes invisible (overwritten). It’s there, but you have to move your mouse over it to make it visible.

  4. When on the planet and using Tacops remote viewing, your craft position will sometimes change when returning to the cockpit.
  5. The new docking transition when used on the planet to dock at a starbase or MFB, will sometimes relocate the craft on terrain after relaunch. A workaround: After launching from the starbase or MFB, land on the ground, then take off again.


  1. When CC runs out of Radine and low power malfunction results, player cannot view Navitron from bridge command menu, but can do so from Logistix.

    This works as designed and is a method of providing access to these systems via auxiliary bypass in order to prevent a total systems lockout. That’s why Logistix is a special case that acts as a redundancy system. A minor revision to this was made in 3.00.13.

  2. Unable to destroy some planetary units (e.g. naval, buildings) unless using a OTS missile.

    Some planetary units can only be destroyed with missiles. Others are either invincible or require lots of missiles to destroy.

  3. I landed my ship on a planet surface and turned off the main reactor, using the solar power only while I waited for something. While it behaved normally then, when I saved and restored the game in this state, every system was unpowered because the solar reactor output hadn’t been saved. My crew took some damage due to losing life support.

    Solar energy is not stored in a battery. It’s a dynamic charge used as backup power. So when you quit the game and resume/restore, that energy is lost.

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