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001 | When CC runs out of Radine and low power malfunction results, player cannot view Navitron from bridge command menu, but can do so from Logistix. Also cannot access Tacops even with solar power diverted to Tactical computer. Crew says Tactical computer offline, but can still access Tactical computer, just not Tacops. This works as designed and is a method of providing access to these systems via auxiliary bypass in order to prevent a systems lockout
002 | Some planetary units (e.g. naval, buildings) cannot be destroyed unless using a OTS missile Some planetary units can only be destroyed with missiles. Others are either invincible or require lots of missiles to destroy
003 | Sometimes unable to repair some ship systems Depending on the amount of damage and amount of repair time, this will sometimes happen if you start repairs at a station/base, leave (which suspends the repairs) before it is completed, then try to repair the same systems using your own Systems Engineers.

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