Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 is a completed and advanced version of the original Battlecruiser 3000AD game released by Take Two in 1996. Representing the official and completed version of the original game (which was released by its publisher while still in Beta testing), the game is presented as per Derek Smart’s original vision.

Almost 10 years in the making with millions of dollars spent on research and development of advanced technologies, Battlecruiser 3000AD is the only space flight sim that gives you everything you expect in the genre and more. Using advanced technologies in areas of artificial intelligence and accelerated 3Dfx graphics, Battlecruiser 3000AD adds enhanced gameplay to provide you with total immersion like no other game in the genre can. This is no short term shooter. This is an advanced simulation with unmatched replay value.


Command and control a military Battlecruiser complete with manual flight control of 4 fighters, 4 shuttlecrafts, 4 all terrain vehicles in space and over gorgeous planetary landscapes. Assign orders to over 150 ship personnel including officers, engineers, medics, marines and fighter pilots. Mine planets and moons. Attack space and planetary targets using fighters, all terrain vehicles or marines. Deploy or extract personnel and items from space or planets. Orchestrate invasions in any part of a huge game galaxy including strikes against space borne starstations. Order your ships and personnel using a variety of commands such as search and destroy, strike, escort, defend and many more. Use transporters to beam personnel to and from surface strike zones. Attack surface assets from space using devastating orbit to surface weaponry. Launch probes to remote regions to gather intel and stage your attacks. Trade hundreds of items with dozens of stations and bases.


Features a fully dynamic and evolving universe with over 13 alien races, including the feared Gammulans and irritating Vesperons. Interact with 25 castes including military, raiders, assassins, scientists, traders, diplomats etc. Each with a unique agenda. Visit 25 starsystems containing 75 planets and 145 moons all modeled in 3D. Traverse this huge universe using wormholes, jump gates and other anomalies. Search asteroid fields for cargo pods or lure your attackers in and watch them die. Soar above the cloud layers of Earth, drive over the craters of the Moon and Mars or explore the vast rings of Saturn complete with rocks and debris. Visit a variety of moons and planets with different topologies, climate zones, cities, bases and other attractions. Watch in real time as the Sun goes down, night falls and stars fill the sky. Explore planets or space regions for days on end with no restrictions or limitations. Observe as this huge universe evolves around you and continues to evolve regardless of your actions. Visit regions as alien nations wage war on each other or watch such skirmishes as military ships engaging in combat against raiders threatening traders, diplomats and other harmless castes. Join in the fray or cloak your ship and go about your business undetected. Destroy stations and other surface based assets and observe as they are rebuilt over time and reinforced with more advanced components. A universe like none other in any game this side of the known universe.


The first fully modeled starship. Access a variety of computer systems for personnel control, engineering repairs, tactical command, cargo manipulation, communications, navigation, power allocation etc. Repair and upgrade your ship systems with a detailed parts database containing dozens of components. Observe your crew as they move between decks or get stuck and take injury at locations with broken decks. Monitor their stats including artificial intelligence, fatigue, health and a variety of other attributes. Personnel move to a myriad of ship locations including their quarters, the galley, bridge, engineering etc. Watch your marines spring into action as they go in search of escaped prisoners or engage in combat with intruders that board your ship. Evacuate your personnel from decks that are subject to radiation due to reactor core breaches or quarantine your away teams that come back with infectious diseases. Clone dead officers from stored DNA signatures or hire marines and engineers at starstations. Stock up on rations or watch your personnel die of hunger. Assign your combat pilots to fighters or your marines to all terrain vehicles based on skill. With access to this complex ship, an awesome array of weaponry and a dedicated crew, the decisions you make can mean the difference between life and death as you assume full command control of your ship and crew.


Most games lock you into a linear plot and if you manage to break free and finish the game, you have no choice but to shelve the game and go in search of another to fill the void. In this game you decide how you play, short term, long term or forever. The choice is yours and the variations are endless. With three unique modes of play, you can choose to either wander the universe as a Commander in Earth’s galactic force, Galactic Command, carrying out your duty of maintaining law and order in allied territories or explore the vast reaches of space. You make your own rules but step out of line and face a court-martial or worse, make a bad decision and your crew die. Decide what you want to do, where you want to go and how you’re going to carry out your goals. Do you invade a planet today or join an NPC controlled force as they attack an enemy station deep in hostile territory? Do you mine for valuable Iridium or do you destroy hostile assets for experience points that eventually lead to increase in the ranks? You can also join a campaign in the Advanced Campaign Mode scenario consisting of a series of missions that are directly affected by the ever changing universe. You can either follow the mission path or ignore orders and move on to the next task in the campaign. To get you going and hone your combat skills, enter Xtreme Carnage and take on space and planetary hostiles as you familiarize yourself with the operation of your fighters. The choice is yours, either way, one day, you’re going to die. You may as well die with a medal and for a good cause.


Detailed textures and lighting effects display the space and planetary worlds in beautiful detail. With 3Dfx cards, graphics enhancements such as cloaking effects, laser shots, high detailed ship and planet texturing, cloud and fog layers, shield impact animations, lens flare effects, explosions, fragments and shockwaves, all look simply awesome as you traverse this beautiful universe.

Listen to the frantic chatter of your combat pilots, the warnings of ship personnel or the background chatter of the communications channel as they are mixed in and muffled amidst the sounds of laser fires, collisions and nerve shattering explosions.

Minimum Requirements

  • Intel Pentium 166 or equivalent
  • Windows 95/98
  • PCI Graphics card
  • 100 MB (compact install); 165MB (full install) hard disk space
  • MPC compliant 4x or higher CD-ROM
  • 16 MB Memory
  • Microsoft or compatible mouse
  • Most major sound cards are supported

Recommended Requirements

  • Pentium II 233 or equivalent
  • AGP graphics card
  • Any 3Dfx Voodoo accelerator
  • MPC compliant 16x or higher CD-ROM
  • 32 MB Memory or higher
  • Joystick controller

ESRB Rating



Space & Planetary Combat Flight Sim



Release Date

December 1998

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