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  • XBox360 game pad will sometimes continue to vibrate after player killed
  • Multiplayer
    • Scene sometimes not fully loaded when CO-OP server recycles
    • Dying in CO-OP sometimes does not respawn all clients immediately
    • The mission timer sometimes does not appear in the HUD on remote console servers
    • NPC marine bots on remote console servers sometimes initially created in the air

[1.00.39 | 11-09-2010]

[1.00.38 | 03-23-2010]

  • (MP):Revised handling of stats server update
  • FIXED (MP): Joining a game from the GameLobby caused chat messages to be duplicated

[1.00.37 | 10-14-2009]

  • (MP): Dedicated console server files now included. The file is in the game install folder.

    Do NOT install these files into the game folder tree!! Extract to its own folder and read the PDF file for setup instructions

  • FIXED: Some invincible objects (e.g. DJP, supply stations) could sometimes be destroyed under some circumstances

[1.00.36 | 09-27-2009]

  • FIXED: Truncated rank names in fp HUD to fix overflow into combat kills
  • FIXED: weapon view remained locked when running from prone pose
  • FIXED: comm log wasn’t being restored when restoring a saved game

[1.00.35 | 09-14-2009]

  • The detonation trigger of the prox grenade and APM mine has been reduced from 30 to 5 secs
  • Revised the throw and roll distance of grenades. Previously each second tick was a 20m range throw. This has been reduced to 10m
  • The grenades and mines in a loadout profile are now shown in the Story Mode profile selection as well as at the supply station selection screen
  • FIXED: NPC’s now properly recover from being in invalid nav mesh positions
  • FIXED: Added padding around buildings to navmesh to prevents NPC’s from getting stuck in some corners
  • FIXED: Random crash sometimes when loading a saved game
  • (MP): The CO-OP scenario now has a five min start delay. After this delay, the scenario will start and no additional clients are allowed to join until the scenario ends or all clients are dead

[1.00.34 | 09-13-2009]

  • FIXED (MP): APM and prox grenades would explode instantly when dropped
  • FIXED (MP): on remote clients missile sounds weren’t played
  • FIXED (MP): on remote servers PSJ and PCU would remain active even after Energy Cells were depleted
  • FIXED (MP): on remote servers PSU wasn’t working properly in some cases
  • FIXED (MP): Joining co-op server from GameLobby started clients at the wrong base
  • FIXED (MP): NPC persons on remote servers sometimes didn’t play death animation; making it look like weapon fire had no effect on them

[1.00.33] | 09-11-2009]

  • (MP): Minor revision to network protocols

[1.00.32 | 09-10-2009]

  • Revised character armor protection values. Remember ALL items have weight. So the heavier the items you are carrying, the slower your
    movement and the quicker your Fatigue Factor increases. So having a jetpack, heavy armor, machine gun, ammo, grenades etc definitely has
    an effect.

    BEFORE: Kevlar (100), Light (200), Medium (300), Heavy (400)
    AFTER: Kevlar (250), Light (350), Medium (500), Heavy (600)

[1.00.31 | 09-09-2009]

  • Rockets used by launchers (LR12, HORNET, KLMP) are no longer supersonic (in excess of 343 m/s) when in flight. This gives players the chance to get
    out of the way if one is fired from a distance. However, due to the reduced speed, they are now less effective against fast moving targets such as
    fighters and some gunships.

    NOTE: The minimum engagement range for NPC persons is 500m. So even though rocket launchers have a longer range, an NPC carrying one will not fire unless he is within 500m from the target. From that range, you have five seconds to get out of the way of an incoming LR12 rocket flying at 100 m/s.

  • Reduced the effects of grenade and mines splash damage
  • All character classes now have a D.I.E unit by default. Also added the jetpack to some Elite Force Marine (Lucas) profiles.
  • At LT. COMMANDER (pilot) or SERGEANT (marine) rank, player can now command other friendly forces using the Team Orders Menu. The ranks and experience points required for each have been added to p34 of the game manual
  • (MP) Revised some base layouts and placed spawn points closer to DJP
  • FIXED: “F9 – PROCEED TO ASSET” team order didn’t work in some cases
  • FIXED: launchers (LR12, HORNET) no longer lock past target
  • FIXED: destroying friendly units emitting SOS wouldn’t give a violation
  • FIXED: destroying friendlies as a vehicle gunner did not give a violation
  • FIXED: player would sometimes lose command authority over NPC forces
  • FIXED: NPC sometimes couldn’t navigate around certain buildings types
  • FIXED (MP): player is no longer teleported when entering vehicles in MP after being killed

[1.00.30 | 09-01-2009]

  • All gunships now have a missile jammer (J)
  • New version of GameLobby app now shows additional server config fields

[1.00.29 | 08-28-2009]

  • Minor revisions to shot deviation in some weapons
  • Delay in player death trigger has been removed. This causes the event to be triggered immediately in all cases now
  • Revised auto-pilot range detection for missile launch in combat assist mode
  • Revised some character weapon/inventory profiles
  • FIXED: violations awarded for destroying own rockets and grenades
  • FIXED: vehicles only mouse steering could be enabled in aircrafts
  • FIXED: dead persons were in default pose when restoring a saved game
  • FIXED: dead persons were not leveled with terrain
  • FIXED: muzzle flash on gunship (Blackghost, Intruder) door guns were incorrectly oriented
  • FIXED: Issues with item counts in some character weapon/inventory profiles
  • FIXED: target markers weren’t visible in MP remote servers (MP)

[1.00.28 | 08-21-2009]

  • Revised asset locations in first campaign mission
  • Airborne assets can no longer be destroyed by small arms fire
  • Players cloaked using PCU item can now use assets
  • Disabled various cheat command line parameters
  • Starbase and launch pad objects now appear in the TRS/GND radar instead of NID/MAP radar
  • Increased flashbang bloom effect time. Note, the length of time depends on how close you are to the center of the blast
  • Increased number of clients in CO-OP mode from 4 to 8 players
  • Revised CO-OP spawn locations. Players now spawned closer to cover
  • (MP): XP based asset use is now a server config using ‘enable_xp’ parameter. If this is enabled, then clients require XP to use some high end assets.

[1.00.27 | 08-18-2009]

  • FIXED: NPC marines would rapidly move their weapon up and down when player was too close

[1.00.26 | 08-12-2009]

Initial Release

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