Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.09 Final Update Released

On January 1, 2000, in Blog, by 3000ad

This is what I believe to be the last update to a legendary product. BC3K has a long history that spans over ten years. The release of v2.0 during 12/98 really proved to the industry that the series had finally proven itself. The GT Interactive European release of 10/99 and the Jack Of All Games 01/00 release in Australia, New Zealand and other territories, finally gives v2.0x, complete worldwide coverage and a growing fan base the world over.

So, its time to retire the ol’ gal in this new Millennium and v2.09 does just that. It may not be the flashiest or most user friendly title out there, but the replayability of the v2.0x series, it’s advanced feature set and the support that we have put behind it, continue to make BC3K the title that most space simmers find themselves coming back to, time and time again. For a DOS hybrid title that first made it’s debut on 10/96, the ol’ gal has held it’s own against an onslaught of next gen titles that have huge development budgets, kick-ass graphics and multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Like the development team that has worked all these years to make the series what it is, BC3K takes a lot of time, effort and commitment from both the development team and the fan base. Such an investment has proven, time and time again, that it is well worth it. We all remain committed.

There are bigger and better things in store for the series, with special emphasis on kick-ass graphics and mind boggling multiplayer options. In fact, like the over 100, the never before seen features in the BC3K series, the multiplayer component in the upcoming next gen title, Battlecruiser Millennium, is going to be just as advanced as every other premise in the series. With a completely freeform galaxy-wide virtual battleground with the ability to fly around in space or planets, drive or run around as a marine (in first person perspective) on planets, with a myriad of options and a variety of free-for-all and teamplay modes, we are gunning to redefine online space sim multiplayer. I expect all of you to be there.

This final version has a couple of minor fixes and a few more enhancements to certain areas in flight dynamics, power allocation, threat systems etc. It also contains two new new Tour Of Duty mission scenarios, consisting of 6 brand new advanced missions. Even the original Tour Of Duty scenarios that shipped with v2.0, were updated in order to make them a little easier and accessible to the newbies who have a hard time grasping the concept that nothing in this game, revolves around them and that NPCs can make a mission a success or a failure, depending on how they play. I have also released an updated version of the Game Builder System used for user-created mission scenarios.

For a list of changes, check the Version Control file.

It is indeed the dawn of a new age. Fans of BC3K. We are legion.

Without further ado, I hereby retire the BATTLECRUISER 3000AD series.


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