Revised: 02-21-09

Multiplayer issues (due to radical revisions in 1.00.06 series)

  1. Vehicle wheels (e.g. ACAV) not rotating when viewed from remote clients
  2. Client ground units sometimes at incorrect ground altitude and slightly under the terrain.
  3. First person clients sometimes invincible.
  4. Dynamic objects (e.g. starbase, vehicles) duplicated in some cases on the first client to join the server.
  5. Due to the fix related to dynamic units (e.g. vehicles), each client now has a copy of controllable units (e.g. vehicles) instead of just the single one. e.g. if client1 grabs a vehicle, client2 can still grab the same vehicle though there should be only a single instance.
v1.01.04 (02-20-09)
  1. VTT now show distance in meters when its below 1000.
  2. Revised laser damage. Previous revision was too weak.
  3. Mobile EAD units will no longer move around the base on their own.
  4. FIXED: NPC personnel had incorrectly high armor values.
  5. FIXED: NPC personnel escorts would ignore threats when they stopped outside leader range.
  6. FIXED: mouse flight mode was broken.
v1.01.03 (02-20-09)
  1. Performance tweaks to radar detection.
  2. Laser damage is no longer tied to the current frame rate
  3. NPC personnel with escort orders will no longer stray past 16m from the leader
  4. NPC personnel will now pause for 500ms before shooting again
  5. NPC's escorting player will now always receive orders from the player; even after being given escort/defend orders via the TOM.
  6. FIXED: lasers were causing damage twice, once as lasers and a second time as fragments.
  7. FIXED: NPC's were shooting at targets they weren't supposed to attack. This was also causing NPC's to ignore line of sight to their target.
  8. FIXED: a revision to radar detection performance improvement in previous update caused issues with friendly target detection. e.g. when you play a ROAM career in fp mode the starbase didn't detect you, so no friendly NPC escorts were dispatched.
v1.01.02 (02-17-09)
  1. Minor performance tweaks in first person mode
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.22.00) audio SDK.
  3. Non hostiles, civil and misc units are no longer tracked on radar. Performance improvement
  4. FIXED: Issue with improper sound card initialization
  5. FIXED: multiple missiles sometimes firing when using joystick controller
v1.01.01 (12-29-08)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX (November 2008) SDK. Requires November 2008 Runtime!!
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.20.06) audio SDK.
  3. Updated fpitems.html appendix file entry for GLE22
  4. The prox grenades in the GLE22 have been replaced with flashbang grenades
v1.01.00 FINAL (11-19-08)
  1. Official release.
v1.01.00 BETA 04 (11-15-08)
  1. Disabled ability for NPC persons to automatically use supply stations. Was enabled in BETA 02 but causes issues with non-military personnel
  2. FIXED: Due to a revision in 1.00.10 naval units were no longer floating
  3. FIXED: The Tacops ZOOM-TO/PLANET/MZONE menu was incorrect due to localization issues
v1.01.00 BETA 03 (11-14-08)
  1. Can no longer asset switch to EAD (SAM and SAL) units
  2. FIXED: NPC persons were not using supply stations after locating the closest one. This was due to a revision in BETA 02.
v1.01.00 BETA 02 (11-11-08)
  1. Can no longer arm a launcher when in prone pose
  2. Crouch pose is no longer forced when arming a launcher weapon. Also if you attempt to enter prone pose while carrying a launcher weapon, it is holstered
  3. NPC persons with a leader will now arm pistols if they were previously carrying launchers and attempting to enter prone pose in order to match the leader's pose
  4. Increased range at which NPC persons will run to their target
  5. NPC persons now copy their leader more reliably by checking the state more often
  6. NPC persons will now automatically proceed to the nearest supply station if they run out of ammo, need repairs, supplies etc. Was previously disabled in order to prevent them from doing it at will - and usually when you least want them to.
  7. FIXED: NPC persons sometimes could not arm pistols due to the default weapon mode not being set
v1.01.00 BETA 01 (11-04-08)
  1. Reduced character movement speeds in prone, crouch and swim states
  2. Previously when carrying a launcher type weapon, the fp character cannot go into prone pose, so crouch was forced instead. Now if a launcher type weapon is equiped and the prone pose set, the weapon is first holstered so the character can go into prone pose.
  3. Removed ALT+O (setup) command. Should never use it when in the game anyway, only from the main menu
  4. Restored previously disabled "Proceed To Supply Station" TOM command. Note that NPC units do not automatically go to a supply station unless instructed to do so. This is to prevent them from taking off to resupply while in the middle of a combat engagement.
  5. Revised sections of the manual e.g. 8.1 (using supply stations), 12.4 (TOM), 12.5 (using gestures)
  6. Added revised GAME_COMMANDS.PDF
v1.00.10 (10-28-08)
  1. Added some new terrain textures
  2. Due to issues with recent nVidia drivers FSAA is now disabled by default. You can still use nVidia's control panel to set the FSAA if you want.
  3. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.18.06) audio SDK.
  4. The game will now default to the standard 800x600 resolution if an incorrect resolution is detected in the INI file
  5. Revised handling of F7/F8 missile views. Now more flexible. NOTE: If you have the missiles/mines threat filter off, these keys will not work.
  6. Revised proximity detection code for APM and Proximity grenades. There's a 30second 'delay' now before the grenade is activated to give time for the user to run away after deploying. NOTE: The prox grenade has a lifetime of 2.5min and a blast radius of 100m. The APM has a lifetime of 1m and a blast radius of 100m. For each, the closer you are to the object, the more damage inflicted. WARNING: Previous saved games invalid.
  7. FIXED: The height of group terrain objects was sometimes incorrect causing some to appear below ground
  8. FIXED: The APM now rests correctly on the terrain when dropped.
  9. FIXED: Profile #2 for the Commander did not have clips for the TL22 rifle
  10. FIXED: Grenade soundfx used the wrong filenames
  11. FIXED: DJP SCENE/MZONE selection menu was incorrect due to localization issues
v1.00.09 (09-30-08)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX (August 2008) SDK. Requires August 2008 Runtime!!
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.18.00) audio SDK.
  3. Removed support for GameCQ lobby interface
  4. Added native resolution support for 1280x800, 1920x1200
  5. Increased commlink log delete threshold to 1MB
v1.00.08 (08-04-08)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.16.08) audio SDK.
v1.00.08 RC6 (07-03-08)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.16.03) audio SDK.

  1. FIXED: Clients reporting different time of day after docking and launching from starbase To resolve this, time no longer elapses when you dock with or launch from a starbase/starstation
  2. FIXED: Issue with airborne (gunships, fighters etc) dynamic objects moving on server
v1.00.08 RC5 (06-28-08)

  1. FIXED: Minor revision which seems to have fixed duplicate dynamic (e.g. vehicles) objects when player interacts with them. NOTE: This has nothing to do with each client having a copy of a dynamic object.
v1.00.08 RC4 (06-27-08)

  1. FIXED: Client no longer starts inside the scripted starbase object
  2. FIXED: Problem controlling ground vehicles due to position updates.
  3. FIXED: dynamic objects with no previous position information (e.g. objects created by 3DG files or scripted) were not being rendered. This caused the issues with "ghosting" in which the object TTDs were visible but not rendered as well as cases where they appeared below the terrain height.
v1.00.08 RC3 (06-23-08)

  1. All ground units in a scene now have their dynamics and tactical state disabled. This prevents them from moving around, doing target acquisition etc and saves on processing.
  2. Restored all player controlled vehicle units to the .3DG scene files
  3. Removed test script which had scripted units in it. This turned out to be a bad solution due to clients having own copies of these objects.
v1.00.08 RC2 (06-21-08)
  1. Increased player run and walk movement speeds
  2. Changed player walk sound to softer version

  1. FIXED: Scripted starbase units now appear in the scene so that you can dock with them. There is a slight caveat with this. See above.
v1.00.08 RC1 (06-20-08)

  1. Removed all player controlled units from .3DG scene files
  2. Added [test] scripted player controlled units to PROCON/PROCON SB01. This is a test as an alternative to having them in the .3DG scene file and being handled incorrectly by the server.
v1.00.07 (06-19-08)
  1. Minor localization revisions

  1. FIXED: Random crash when joining server due to weather revision in
  2. FIXED: Random crash on exit from server browser due to weather particles
  3. FIXED: Slight delay when firing missiles
  4. FIXED: Scripted dynamic objects weren't being initialized client side.
v1.00.06 RC10 (06-13-08)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX (June 2008) SDK. Requires June 2008 Runtime!!
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.16.00) audio SDK.

  1. When a new unknown object is created the console server now shows who created the object.
  2. FIXED: grenades kept sliding on the floor and wouldn't bounce.
  3. FIXED: server delegated objects were sometimes being created and moved under the terrain.
v1.00.06 RC9 (06-10-08)

  1. FIXED: Character orientation issues when in fp mode. Now updated to use same dynamics as crafts; so is much smoother.
  2. FIXED: when a remote client tries to change weapon the clients no longer check for that item in the inventory. Also it doesn't keep trying to change if the weapon is in 'IS_Holster' state already. Previously when a client changed weapons in fp mode, the other clients wouldn't see it.
v1.00.06 RC8
  1. FIXED: Use of DJP would sometimes cause a crash
  2. Disabled the Y/N prompt on DJP and supply station use

  1. Added some driveable vehicles to the scenes. All NPC units were previously removed in the previous update.
  2. FIXED: grenades were not detonating due to their being handled remotely
  3. FIXED: weather conditions were being generated on client. Server now chooses a random fixed value for the weather each session. NOTE: Once the server sets a random weather, it will not change until the server is restarted!
v1.00.06 RC7

  1. Revised the multiplayer specific scenes and removed all NPC units from them. This vastly improves performance but of course relegates planetside skirmishes to deathmatch and team deathmatch only with no NPC units (launch pads, SAMs, crafts etc) present. Since you can launch from a server with your asset of choice, this is a worthy tradeof.
  2. Tweaked fp character dynamics. First person multiplayer was vastly improved since RC1 and this represents the final tweak. Engagements involving players in fps mode, flying fighters, gunships, driving vehicles etc is now a much better reality than ever before.
  3. Tweaked character animation timing which was causing a jitter when in fp mode
  4. Disabled the five minute wait timer for using the DJP and supply station.
  5. FIXED: various server related crashes.
v1.00.06 RC6
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex audio SDK.
  2. All save games now have the date/time stamp
  3. FIXED: Problem with auto-save (CTRL+SHIFT+G) when on planet
  4. FIXED: Crash due to gunship using incorrect gun file when fired. Bug introduced in 1.00.06 RC1

  1. Added multiplayer specific planetary scenes in order to improve performance
  2. FIXED: Major planetside lag due to a massive number of laser objects being fired and delegated by the server. This was a major showstopper and is due to the fact that the planetary scenes are within range of each other. So as soon as they are activated, all out war breaks out. Thus bringing the game to an unplayable state before long.
  3. FIXED: various issues and crashes due to new multiplayer code.
v1.00.06 RC5
  1. Enabled CTRL+SHIFT+G support which auto-saves the current game state to slot #9. It does this without you having to completely quit the game to the main menu. Note that ALT+G remains unchanged, as this gives you more control over the save game slot, naming convention etc.
  2. All save game ops will now prompt Y/N before proceeding.
v1.00.06 RC4
  1. Can now swap the yaw/roll on two-axis joysticks by pressing and holding SHIFT
  2. FIXED: flight control mouse axis swapped when a joystick is plugged in and joystick swap roll/yaw is enabled in Config
  3. FIXED: The Navitron/Tactical access control codes in the COMMAND menu were swapped
v1.00.06 RC3
  1. FSAA settings in Config now goes up to 16x. Also, only FSAA modes supported are available.

  1. FIXED: orbiting objects (stations, ODS) were jumping around a little when flying close to them.
v1.00.06 RC2

  1. FIXED: console server was trying to use vertex buffers causing a crash when going to or starting on a planet
  2. FIXED: remote ships weren't entering in hyperspace properly due to orientation prediction.
v1.00.06 RC1
  1. Added revised GAME_COMMANDS.PDF file (removed CTRL+J entry)
  2. Removed legacy Flight Path Trails
  3. Removed fixed timed step option. Note: Multiplayer now always runs in fts mode.
  4. Added native support for 1152x864 and 1440x900 resolutions
  5. When disabled, ships - not being towed - will now self-destruct after a random period of five to ten minutes.
  6. You can now abort Config button mapping by pressing the ESC key.
  7. The SWAP ROLL/YAW AXIS option in Config now works with sticks that have an independent X axis (twist).

    I have no idea why anyone would want to swap this but apparently some folks are so used to doing it the WRONG way that they are just used to it. I put the blame squarely on other space combat developers who started doing this crap way back when.

    Listen guys, that X axis was introduced in order to allow rudder (which control yaw) controls in flight sims. Thats why most sticks with a twist axis use it for yaw. The default roll of the joystick is standard.

    I really do think that you folks need to un-learn this improper way of flight controls and do it the correct way. If you insist on using yaw as your default joystick axis, you will be extrememly frustrated during combat in my games because the NPC pilots - who do it the proper way - will completely 0wn you time and time again.

    Also, CTRL+J is now obsolete and will no longer work.

Multiplayer - The first in a slew of radical revisions in the multiplayer engine

  1. Replaced dynamic object position prediction. New system now predicts position and orientation using spherical quaternion interpolation.
  2. Added prediction to objects while in orbit or hyper jump.
  3. Added basic laser prediction when an object is in transition to smooth it out.
  4. Reduced the delay between multiplayer position update messages.
  5. Added support for displaying the game type in server browser. Requires 'game_type=' added in [game] section of ucsetupMP.ini.

    Two types are supported, DM (deathmatch) and BW (Base Wars). The latter is not a currently supported game type, so it has no effect when used.

  6. Added "ms" text to the end of the ping on server list. Removed decimal part of the ping.
  7. Changed client/server debug logging filenames to server_log.log and client_log.log
  8. Multiplayer server now creates and uses ucconfigMP.ini instead of ucconfig.ini. A default version with the minimal settings, is included.
  9. Added new UCMPCONSOLE.EXE app. This is a pure console server for use on remote servers which do not have any shader (3D graphics) hardware. No commandline params are required as everything is set by default.
  10. FIXED: lasers 'last update tick' wasn't being updated, resulting in lasers moving faster than intended.
  11. FIXED: server wasn't reliably sending lasers or armor impacts created by the server to the clients.
  12. FIXED: when a client or NPC was destroyed the server wasn't broadcasting any message.
  13. FIXED: collision detection no longer checks objects that are docked.
  14. FIXED: server wasn't accepting the delegated dynamic objects properly.
  15. FIXED: number of logic updates limited to 5 per frame to prevent infinite loop.
  16. FIXED: positions are no longer predicted when the ship is in a transition.
  17. FIXED: PTE objects weren't being properly positioned due to prediction. Also static objects (e.g. buildings) no longer have their positions predicted.
v1.00.05 (02-28-08 - UPDATED AND RELEASED ON 03-15-08)
  1. FIXED: Issues with hotspots in Save/Restore screen
  2. Multiplayer

    1. FIXED: client name/race/caste/etc... weren't being updated on other clients when it was changed without disconnecting first. Server now broadcasts the client information when they log on.
v1.00.04.01 (01-14-08)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex audio SDK.
  2. The Optimize Models setting has been removed from the Config options due to issues on some machines. Besides, machines are now powerful enough and have enough memory to make this setting obsolete. It can still be enabled if desired by editing the UCCONFIG.INI directly. Naturally, it is unsupported.
  3. Updated BCStudio model viewer in GBS tools archive (in tools\gbsiv.zip)
  4. FIXED: The weather fx setting was not being preserved across Instant Action scenarios.
v1.00.04 (12-31-07)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX 9.0c (Nov 2007) SDK. Requires November 2007 runtime or later. Run the updated dxwebsetup.exe file in the game folder to download it if you don't already have it installed.
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex audio SDK.
  3. Dynamic weather handling revised. NOTE: The weather cheat no longer works reliably because the dynamic weather system clamps the values of the weather to whatever values the current climate zone should have. So if you try to set it to rain on a climate zone where it shouldn't rain, it'll probably just pop back to the previous weather.
v1.00.03.02 (11-01-07)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex audio SDK.
  2. Minor performance and memory related tweaks.
  3. [MULTIPLAYER]The console mode multiplayer server will no longer check the video subsystem for shader 2.0 support. This allows it to work on practically any server which has a 3D video chipset (on-board or add-in).

    WARNING:This will only work on Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista

  4. FIXED (previously released in KB071031)

    • Some missing map assets would cause some legacy scenarios (e.g. IA0311) to crash on startup
    • A deprecated script syntax would cause a legacy scenario ("The Future Is Now") to crash on startup
v1.00.03.01 (10-16-07)
  1. Increased speed of MTD rotation
  2. Compiled with latest DirectX 9.0c (August 2007) SDK. Requires August 2007 runtime or later. Run the updated dxwebsetup.exe file in the game folder to download it if you don't already have it installed.
  3. Compiled with latest FMODex audio SDK.
  4. Compiled with latest ReplicaNet multiplayer SDK.
  5. FIXED: A bug in Vista's implementation of DirectX 9 was causing problems with polygon line drawing used in the cockpit display.
v1.00.03 (07-16-07)
  1. DVD-ROM (copy protected) Gold Master build.
  2. Increased velocity at which a target must be traveling (in space) before an attacker can use missiles. Was 10 m/s, now changed to 15 m/s. This will make NPC crafts use less missiles. This is now for both space and planets.
  3. The Miscellaneous object filter in VDD/RTM is now disabled by default. This is the filter that handles units such as buildings, asteroids, ejected pilots etc and which tend to clutter the radar target mask.
  4. Disabled electricity FX played on ship model when a gas planet is entered.
  5. Revised NPC turret and gunfire sound playback.
  6. Small optimization to collision detection for planetside military units.
  7. Revised targeting filters:
    • If K (nearest enemy target) does not return a valid target, your own craft is now selected instead.
    • If L (nearest attacker to my current target) does not return a valid target, the nearest target is no longer selected. Instead your own craft is selected.
    • If O (nearest enemy attacker) does not return a valid target, the nearest enemy target is no longer selected. Instead your own craft is selected.
  8. [MULTIPLAYER]Minor revision in cleanup procedure when client disconnects from server.
  9. FIXED: DJP planetary travel (to a different part of the current planet) was broken due to a translation error
v1.00.02 (05-24-07)
  1. Minor revision to game processing loop.
  2. Small performance optimization to collision detection when on planets.
v1.00.01 (05-14-07)
Based on Universal Combat SE engine. Additional revisions:

  1. Developed with latest DirectX 9.0c (June 2007) SDK.
  2. Developed with latest FMODex audio SDK.
  3. Developed with latest ReplicaNet multiplayer SDK.
  4. Added support for 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen monitors and resolutions. Also, the default startup resolution is now 1024x768 instead of 800x600.
    NOTE: Widescreen LCD monitors operate at a fixed resolution. Every resolution
    other than their fixed [native] display resolution will be scaled manually to the
    larger display resolution by the monitor itself. Some monitors do this very poorly.
    For instance, most 4:3 modes look good, and the default display resolution is incredible,
    but 16:9 resolutions (such as 1280x720) look like fuzz (which is true of all 16:10 monitors)
    on a 16:10 monitor (e.g. 1680x1050 resolution).

  5. Revised game processing loop. Now smoother at higher resolutions (and settings) during intense combat engagements. Provides almost 2x performance boost from previous (UCSE) game.
  6. Optimized collision detection; especially noticeable on planets. Provides almost 4x performance boost from previous (UCSE) game.
  7. Various performance and integrity tweaks to planetary terrain engine.
  8. Revised handling of planetary scene units which are halted on the planet when the scene is loaded.
  9. Tweaked AI evasive tactics during combat engagements.
  10. Minor tweaks to joystick selection in CONFIG options screen.
  11. Minor interface font revisions.
  12. Current planet weather is now saved and is restored when the game is restored or resumed.
  13. Mother (the ship's computer) will now play the 'target locked' message when the player's missile locks on a target in pilot careers.
  14. Mother (the ship's computer) will now play the 'target destroyed' message when a target is destroyed by the player as a pilot careers.
  15. The COMMLINK message delay times now affect all messages in the queue, as opposed to only new messages. Delay magnitude also increased from 10 to 20.
  16. Parsed and tested all BC3K, BC3K v2.0, BCM, BCM Gold, UC, UC Gold, UCAWA, UCSE scenarios. Added (11 campaigns + 111 Instant Action) to assets dB. They all now run in the UCCE engine.
  17. Converted all BCM/Gold, BC3K/BC3K v2.0 MP3 music tracks to Ogg. Added (Total: 27) to assets dB.
  18. DVD-ROM Extras:
    1. DirectX 9.0c (June 2007)
    2. Game Builder System (for building user scenarios)
    3. Source script files for all 111 scenarios included in the game
    4. Added Battlecruiser 3000AD (DOS) full install build
    5. Added Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0 (DOS) full install build
    6. Added Battlecruiser Millennium full install build
    7. Added latest DOSbox version for running legacy BC3K and BC3K v2.0 games
  19. Whats in the box:
    1. DVD-ROM
    2. Printed 100+ page game manual
    3. Printed double-sided keyboard sheet with galaxy map on reverse side
  1. Because the first person view position is tied to the model with mouse look, your model will sometimes appear to be tilting at an angle, when viewed by another client.
  2. At very high frame rates, characters in escort mode will constantly update their position around the object they are escorting (e.g. player). This is not fatal and is only happening due to the increased AI processing loop. Its more of an annoyance than a bug and is only seen if viewing the character from an external camera view or if a character who was previously prone, decides to fine tune his position, even though you [player] have not moved at all and then crosses your view (thus ending up in obscuring the line of fire).
  3. You can drive through trees. There is no collision detect for them because they are not solid objects. If they were, the performance hit would be significant. Especially due to the sheer number of trees which can be in an area at any one time. Vegetation is there for scenery purposes only and do not bear any relevance to gameplay.
  4. If you go up a building then go prone and have personnel escorting you, they too will go prone and possibly end up prone at some really funny angles. This is the same as going prone on a mountain, then crawling over a peak because you can. The end result being that a good portion of your body is suspended in midair. So don't do it because it can't be addressed.
  5. While on the planet and viewing a target which resides on another map (that you are not on) using the F10 key, the target will sometimes appear to be slightly above the ground. This is due to terrain height variations since that region is only demand loaded. If you actually go there, you will see that the ground units are exactly where they should be. The F10 camera - like all view cameras - is for viewing purposes only.
  6. If you died in the game and previously had a saved game prior to your death, but when you restore it you are still dead, it means that the saved game in which you are dead, is still cached and being auto-loaded. A workaround for this is to quit the game, go to the SAVE folder and delete the file with the .SAV extension. Then start the game and Restore the saved profile you wish to use.
  7. [MULTIPLAYER]If you are docked at a station which then gets destroyed, you will not be killed. Instead, you can launch just fine.
  8. [MULTIPLAYER]If your CC is destroyed due to a reactor shutdown or similar mishap unrelated to being destroyed by another client or NPC, the server will not send a message because it doesn't handle that situation. You will just respawn as normal and other clients will see you as reconnecting, not knowing what happened. This usually happens if you took serious combat damage and your nuclear reactor goes South and self-destructs.
  9. [MULTIPLAYER]The ASE powered in-game server browser takes up to 40 secs to update the number of clients on the server. So sometimes the number of clients displayed, does not necessarily relfect the actual number of clients on the server. This means the server list will not display correctly until ASE master server has updated. This can take as long as 40 seconds. This also means information displayed to someone wanting to join is only as good as the last update or refresh they did. This was done by ASE in order to prevent clients from flooding the master server by doing repeated refreshes.
  10. [MULTIPLAYER]If you had the chat message log window open in the front view, then switch to Tacops and back again, the window is not refreshed until a new message comes in.