Revised: 02-21-09

  1. Attempting to change X-45 joystick buttons in CONFIG results in the game not recognizing the new input and appears to have hung. It probably isn't actually hung, but is still awaiting input.

    STATUS: We still cannot reproduce this on our end.

  2. Joining a multiplayer server from the single player main menu and then quitting the server will sometimes result in a lockup.

    STATUS: It doesn't appear to be a lockup. The game just takes too long to reload and will sometimes hang it looks like. Still under investigation.

v2.11.07 (02-21-09)
  1. VTT now show distance in meters when its below 1000.
  2. Revised laser damage. Previous revision was too weak.
  3. FIXED: mouse flight mode was broken.
v2.11.06 (02-20-09)
  1. Performance tweaks to radar detection.
  2. Laser damage is no longer tied to the current frame rate
  3. FIXED: lasers were causing damage twice, once as lasers and a second time as fragments.
  4. FIXED: a revision to radar detection performance improvement in previous update caused issues with friendly target detection.
v2.11.05 (02-17-09)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.22.00) audio SDK.
  2. Non hostiles, civil and misc units are no longer tracked on radar. Performance improvement
  3. FIXED: Issue with improper sound card initialization
  4. FIXED: gamepad controllers had inverted axis
  5. FIXED: multiple missiles sometimes firing when using gamepad/joystick/xbox controller
v2.11.04 (12-29-08)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX (November 2008) SDK. Requires November 2008 Runtime!!
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.20.06) audio SDK.
  3. FIXED: Minor rendering issue with buildings on planetary terrain.
v2.11.03 (10-28-08)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX (August 2008) SDK. Requires August 2008 Runtime!!
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.18.06) audio SDK.
  3. The game will now default to the standard 1024x768 resolution if an incorrect resolution is detected in the INI file
  4. Revised handling of F7/F8 missile views. Now more flexible. NOTE: If you have the missiles/mines threat filter off, these keys will not work.
v2.11.02 (08-04-08)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.16.08) audio SDK.
  2. FIXED: HyperJump charge is no longer displayed when on a planet
  3. FIXED: Shifted NID/MAP zoom up a few pixels so it no longer overlays the zoom scale
v2.11.01 (07-03-08)
  1. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.16.03) audio SDK.

  1. Minor misc tweaks/revisions
v2.10.10 (06-19-08)
  1. Minor localization revisions

  1. FIXED: Random crash when joining server due to weather revision in 2.10.08
  2. FIXED: slight delay when firing missiles
  3. FIXED: scripted dynamic objects weren't being properly initialized client side
v2.10.09 (06-13-08)
  1. Compiled with latest DirectX (June 2008) SDK. Requires June 2008 Runtime!!
  2. Compiled with latest FMODex (4.16.00) audio SDK.

  1. When a new unknown object is created the console server now shows who created the object.
  2. FIXED: server delegated objects were sometimes being created and moved under the terrain.
  3. FIXED: console server would crash trying to create pilot messages
v2.10.08 (06-05-08)
  1. FIXED: Problem with auto-save when on planet
  1. Various performance tweaks; especially with laser related collision detect on planets
  2. FIXED: planetary weather conditions were being generated on client. Server now chooses a random fixed value for the weather each session. NOTE: Once the server sets a random weather, it will not change until the server is restarted!
v2.10.07 (04-30-08)
  1. Updated the game commands, manual & tutorial PDF files to reflect changes in this version.

    Also added specs for the other two (of four) fighters which are flyable in future episodes and DLC.

  2. Reduced the planetary egress altitude from 14K to 12K feet for those having trouble getting a handle on how to coax their craft to reaching a high altitude. There is no trick to it. See the updated section 6.6 of the game manual for some tips.
  3. Enabled CTRL+S support which auto-saves the current game state to slot #9. It does this without you having to completely quit the game to the main menu. Note that ALT+S remains unchanged, as this gives you more control over the save game slot, naming convention etc.
  4. All save game ops will now prompt Y/N before proceeding. This is for those of you who keep hitting ALT+S instead of ALT+T.
  5. The saved games listed now have the game date/time stamp.
  6. Further simplification of 3D cockpit.
    • Added NID/TRS menus to COMMAND/SYSTEMS menu. Can now change modes using the mouse/controller
    • Removed icons from cockpit MFDs. Text indicating the NID and TRS modes is now only displayed at the top left corner of MFD#1.
    • Removed all redundant VDD modes. Now it only supports the single [Video Link] mode
      SSR - System Status Relay icons moved to bottom of cockpit so that they are always visible
      SMD - Stores Manifest Display mode is obsolete as no scenario requires you to inspect a target's cargo
      ACM - Advanced Campaign Mode data already appears in the HUD and in the orders display
      RTM - Radar Target Mask moved to COMMAND/SYSTEMS/RADAR TARGET MASK menu with toggle boxes
  7. Minor revision to how data is processed prior to being recorded in the COMMLINK log
  8. Revised the FSAA buffer handling to safeguard against crashes or exiting when a higher FSAA setting is used in Config. If the video card does not have enough memory, then it will run with FSAA and HDR disabled.

    This was done because in some cases, using high value FSAA values would later result in a crash due to insufficient video memory. Due to the large amount of runtime FP16 surfaces, Config has no way of knowing how much VRAM is later needed for the currently selected screen resolution. e.g. selecting 8x or higher FSAA while running the game at 1280x960 will most definitely result in out of memory anomalies (screen tearing, missing textures etc) and a possibly flat out crash.

  9. Revised handling of roll/yaw mode on joysticks for better compatibility with older sticks.
  10. FIXED: clip distance when drawing the infra-red missile camera in VDD/VID was being incorrectly set, causing smaller objects to not appear in it.
  11. FIXED: adjusted burn, speed and range text in VDD/VID when drawing the missile camera due to overlapping existing text.
  12. FIXED: player character injury was sometimes being improperly set. This sometimes caused a premature damage condition which immediately ended the game instead of playing the external camera "death" transition.

    It must be noted that when your craft takes combat damage, so does your alter-ego. As a result, your alter-ego may sometimes die from injury even if the craft is not sufficiently damaged to be destroyed.

v2.10.06 (04-09-08)
  1. Added violations (VIO) info to the cockpit HUD.
  2. Added medals count to the orders display
  3. Added campaign theatre info to the cockpit HUD. This gives an at-a-glance look at the scenario timers without having to use the VDD/ACM mode.
    T - Theatre
    S - Start time
    E - End time
    N - Next scenario start time
  4. Added native support for 1280x800 and 1920x1200 16:10 widescreen display modes.
    NOTE:This will delete your configuration file, thus creating a new default one. So be sure to set your Config options again.
  5. Increased the minimum docking range from 1km to 10km
  6. Increased Commlink log size delete prompt from 32K to 1MB
  7. Changed COMMAND menu save game texts to: "QUIT & SAVE WITH RESUME" and "QUIT & SAVE WITH RESTORE"
  8. Time will no longer have passed when you dock and re-launch.
    When you dock (to perform repairs, re-arm etc) the world is still being updated. So if the total repairs time is, e.g. 30 mins, when you launch, that amount of time would have elapsed. In some cases, if you had a lot of repairs and you dock towards the end of the current scenario operations, when you launch you may find that the next scenario is already in progress. You can still check for orders you may have missed, but there is a possibility that you may also miss some specific instructions which could get you taken off active duty eventually.

    With this revision, even though the elapsed time is still calculated, this time is no longer elapsed when you launch. So if you dock at 21:00, when you launch, the time would be closer to 21:01 than 21:30 (assuming the repairs/rearming took thirty minutes).

    In effect, we're just dumbing down the game even further because normally, due to the game's real-time processing nature, this behaviour is normal and thats how the game engine was developed to behave.

  9. The ability to select component repairs stats in Logistix has been disabled.
    This used to occur when you click on a fighter component as this calls up the engineering work order. This is part of our underlying game engine that is not needed in the GALCOM due to the singular REPAIRS button which does a batch repair job in a single click and saves time (so you don't have to select each damaged component to repair). Normally, in order to save on repair time (see above), you would just pick the most important components to repair, then launch. This would minimize the time you spent docked and thus ensures that you don't miss much of the on-going fleet operations due to time passing.
  10. FIXED: When using the mouse as the flight controller, axes were swapped if you also had a joystick plugged in and joystick swap roll/yaw was enabled in Config
  11. FIXED: When you dock, the REPAIRS button is not active once the current date/time has been calculated and displayed. You have to switch to WEAPONS, then switch back and click the button before the date/time is displayed.
  12. FIXED: Some minor widescreen (mostly) text display issues in various areas.

v2.10.05 (03-24-08)
  1. Some Config setting revisions:
    FSAA is now set to DISABLED by default
    TEXTURE FILTERING is now set to ANISO NORMAL by default
  2. Can now swap the yaw/roll on two-axis joysticks by pressing and holding SHIFT
  3. FIXED: gamepad roll was reversed
  4. FIXED: Config wasn't showing 16x FSAA option in some cases. Note: The available FSAA options are determined by (a) the set game resolution (b) the amount of video memory on the card
  5. FIXED: Sometimes the 2D cockpit image of the comms speaker was not being displayed. This was due to the HDR revisions in the previous update to prevent the cockpit gun and armor status icons from being affected by HDR.

  1. Removed CAREER button when joining a server as the career cannot be changed
  2. FIXED: weapons loadout background wasn't being cleared resulting in extra lines of missiles being shown.
v2.10.04 (03-21-08)
  1. Small optimizations to the cockpit and other graphics rendering code.
  2. Cockpit gun and armor status HUD icons are no longer affected by HDR rendering. So they are now easier to see.
  3. Revised handling of HDR and FSAA settings to work around issues with some nVidia cards.
    Note that if you have HDR on in Config and the card (e.g. ATI X800, X850 etc) does not support it, then the graphics engine will not use HDR.
  4. FSAA settings in Config now goes up to 16x. Also, only FSAA modes supported are available.
    WARNING: Just because your card supports a high FSSA mode (2x to 16x) does not mean that you can set it as high as possible. Why? Because FSAA settings depend on the current screen resolution that the game is running at. e.g. @ 1024x768 you can go up to 8x on cards with 256MB or more. However at 1280x960, you max out at around 4x FSAA.
  5. Updated page 1 of the keyboard commands due to removal of CTRL+J command
  6. FIXED: If the video device resets (changing resolution/FSAA/HDR/etc...) while a volume texture (explosions etc) is being stream loaded, the game could crash.
    Since you can't do any of these things during gameplay, this was a remote event.
  7. FIXED: HDR config setting was sometimes being read from the config file before the actual file was initialized, resulting in some incorrect values.
  8. FIXED: changing the HDR or FSAA settings sometimes wasn't causing any changes to the device until the game was restarted.
  9. FIXED: FSAA wouldn't work properly in some cards due to not supporting FSAA in FP16 render targets. This could cause some rendering artifacts. Game now disables FSAA if HDR is enabled on such video cards.
  1. FIXED: console server was trying to use vertex buffers. This could potentially cause a crash.
  2. FIXED: orbiting objects (stations, ODS) were jumping around a little when flying close to them.
v2.10.03 (03-14-08)
  1. Updated pages 23, 45 of the game manual
  2. The SWAP ROLL/YAW AXIS option in Config now works with sticks that have an independent X axis (twist).

    I have no idea why anyone would want to swap this but apparently some folks are so used to doing it the WRONG way that they are just used to it. I put the blame squarely on other space combat developers who started doing this crap way back when.

    Listen guys, that X axis was introduced in order to allow rudder (which control yaw) controls in flight sims. Thats why most sticks with a twist axis use it for yaw. The default roll of the joystick is standard.

    I really do think that you folks need to un-learn this improper way of flight controls and do it the correct way. If you insist on using yaw as your default joystick axis, you will be extrememly frustrated during combat in my games because the NPC pilots - who do it the proper way - will completely 0wn you time and time again.

  3. You can now abort Config button mapping by pressing the ESC key.
v2.10.02 (03-08-08)
  1. FIXED: The orders text display in the first mission shows "ECHO 01 and 02" instead of "ECHO 00 and 01", though the commander's audio instruction is correct.
  2. FIXED: The TACOPS option in the COMMAND menu was emulating ALT+S instead of the recently revised ALT+T. The ALT+T hotkey to activate TACOPS still worked fine however
v2.10.01 (03-07-08)
  1. Maintenance only release due to DRM compatibility issues. If your current version is 2.10.00 and you got the game from Gamers Gate on the day of release, you need this build. To check your game version, start the game and look on the right side of the main menu.
v2.10.00 GOLD BUILD (03-03-08)
Game completed and released to manufacturing and digital distribution.